Top 10 Best Toothpaste Brands in India (2020)

The humble toothpaste is one of the most common parts of our lives. We have been using it since early childhood and its just a part and parcel of life itself. 

But there’s more to toothpaste than a white cream we apply to our teeth every morning and perhaps night.

This buying guide will give you all the information you need to effectively choose the toothpaste that you really need.

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We Highly recommend you to read the Toothpaste Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest toothpaste technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Toothpaste Brands in India

Although my favorite among all is ​Colgate but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

#1. Colgate

The branding of Colgate has been so successful in India that many people refer to toothpastes as simply Colgate.

They offer a myriad variety of toothpaste formulations meant for people with different types of teeth and particular dental needs.

The use of Colgate toothpastes ensures strong and healthy teeth for people of all ages even senior citizens and kids.

All the toothpastes sold by this brand are recognized by the Indian Dental Association or IDA. The toothpastes are effective at fighting germs and ensuring that the teeth stay strong.

This range of toothpastes sees to it that your gums remain healthy and contains ingredients like xylitol and of course fluoride. The Active Salt toothpaste from Colgate comes in several variations which include neem and lemon and this lineup of toothpastes is quite popular.

Another favorite from the Colgate lineup is the Max Fresh toothpaste that contains cooling crystals and facilitates the process of making the teeth whiter and the mouth fresher. It also contains methanol that helps you fight various problems related to the gum and prevent cavities.


#2. Sensodyne

This is the most popular toothpaste brand for people experiencing problems with their teeth or people having sensitive teeth.

It is very effective for people affected by Gingivitis as well as conditions like depleted teeth enamel and hidden cavities which result in sensitive teeth.

The brand Sensodyne commands a global recognition and trust for effectively combating dental problems. 

It is not only prescribed by dentists for people with teeth sensitivity but is also the only such brand that can be obtained for over the counter sale.

Due to the nature of the toothpaste and its medical value, the cost of Sensodyne tends to be on the higher end. The most popular toothpaste variants the brand can be found in India are Sensodyne Repair & Protect, Sensodyne Sensitive and Sensodyne Whitening.


#3. Close-Up

Close-Up is a toothpaste brand widely popular particularly among the youth of the country.

It was this brand as marketed by Unilever that first brought the gel-based toothpaste to the Indian market.

The toothpaste is characterized by its zesty and intense flavor and is accompanied by good and fresh breath without being unreasonable expensive.

The Deep Action toothpaste endows the applicant with whiter teeth as well as a three times fresher breath.

The toothpaste is constituted of Active Zinc Mouthwash which ensures that the breath remains fresh for up to 12 hours and also fights 99% of the germs found in the mouth Not limited to that toothpaste also contains fluorides as well as micro-shine crystals which rids the teeth of its yellow film to make it whiter.


#4. Oral-B

If you are looking for a toothpaste that has everything you need for a clean and happy mouth then your number one choice should be Oral-B.

It is one of the multinational companies that have started their Indian operations under the Procter and Gamble umbrella.

In a relatively short span of time, the company has managed to command a sizable market share. It is seen by high esteem by the Indian audience.

The most effective toothpastes out of the Oral- B stable are the Stannous Flouride Complex containing Pro-Expert toothpaste. 

The formulation is such that it effectively fights common dental issues like plaque, cavities, sensitivity, problems with the gums, bad breath, stains in the teeth, depletion of the enamel and even tartar.

Oral-B also has toothpastes meant for kids and other variants targeted at audiences with particular needs.

#5. Pepsodent

Pepsodent has an illustrious history which dates as far back as 1916 in the US. The primary formulation of the toothpaste brand happens to be a substance known as pepsin.

This happens to be a digestive enzyme which helps to dissolve and remove food debris from the mouth.

It is this formulation component that earned the brand the name Pepsodent. The product is well known to Indian consumers who have welcomed this HUL brand with open arms.

Pepsodent germi-check is a long-standing favorite of Indian consumers. It helps to protect the gums in addition to the outstanding dental health properties.

Another popular toothpaste is the Expert Protection besides toothpastes containing salt and clove as constituting ingredients. 


#6. Patanjali Dant Kanti

The name Patanjali needs little introduction for the Indian masses.

It is a name that is synonymous with herbal ayurvedic formulations that have been created under the aegis of the famed yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

The toothpaste is highly recommended by users for its effectiveness at creating strong gums and teeth.

It helps to fight infections caused by bacteria as well as the swelling of the gums which usually leads to pain and bleeding.

However, the main USP of the brand remains its Ayurvedic, all-herbal formulation. Not only that the toothpaste is quite economical and is targeted for use by the general masses.

The toothpaste contains herbal ingredients like pipli, pudina, Maju phal, and peelu.


#7. Himalaya Dental Cream

This is yet another toothpaste brand that enjoys wide popularity among the people of the country.

The Himalaya Dental Cream is also an all-natural formulation that contains the goodness of Bishop’s weed, neem, and pomegranate.

It has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties that provide relief from many dental afflictions like a toothache, bad mouth odor as well as the formation of plaque.

It helps to ensure that problems related to the bleeding and swelling of gums are prevented in addition to relieving pain and inflammation.

Oral afflictions like dental caries and Halitosis are also successfully kept at bay with the natural goodness of this toothpaste.


#8. Dabur Meswak

This popular toothpaste brand from the house of Dabur.

The Meswak is yet another herbal formulation in our list which bears testimony to the popularity of herbal toothpastes among the Indian audience.

Meswak, as the name suggests, is full of the natural goodness of extracts from the Miswak medicinal plant.

The ingredients of the paste help you to effectively fight bacteria and are also famous for their astringent properties.

It helps in fighting plaque, preventing diseases of the gums as well as reducing tooth decay. You also get stronger teeth and gums beside protecting the teeth from cavities.


#9. Vicco Vajradanti

This brand is very much the pioneer of toothpastes with an ayurvedic formulation and has been around for several decades.

It never aspired to be a toothpaste and was even marketed as an herbal paste meant for teeth, a paste that stands out by virtue of being devoid of foaming agents and chemicals.

With a history spanning for over a century, the paste holds sway even today despite the competition.

The unique ayurvedic formula of no fewer than eighteen different herbs as well as herbal extracts that have been acclaimed for their properties of dental health in Ayurveda.

Vicco Vajrdanti has carved out a niche for itself and finds not only relevance but popularity as well as the only non-foaming product dedicated to dental care to be found in India.


#10. Aquafresh

Aquafresh is another toothpaste brand that has been around for several decades and has an illustrious and checkered history that dates back to almost half a century since 1973 to be precise.

GlaxoSmithKline is the manufacturer of this healthcare product. The main USP of this toothpaste brand is the three striped patterns to be found in the toothpaste.

In its first days, there were blue and white stripes which eventually came to be replaced by red, blue and white stripes.

Accordingly, the brand markets itself as “three in one protection for your family”. Aquafresh is available in the following variants viz.

Aquafresh White & Shine, Aquafresh Triple Protection, Aquafresh Isoactive, Aquafresh Extreme Clean, Aquafresh Training Toothpaste and lastly Aquafresh Bubblemint.


Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Toothpaste

Different Types of Toothpastes

Toothpastes that fight cavities

In one way all toothpastes have this ability as removing plaque is a function that is performed by all toothpastes irrespective of kinds and makes. But one thing you should watch out for in this regard is whether the toothpaste of your choice contains fluoride.

Fluoride is something that has been proved to prevent the decay of the enamel of the tooth. Most people stand to benefit from using a toothpaste with fluoride. Almost all international health bodies accept the benefits of having fluoride in the toothpaste.

But a word of caution while using fluoride-containing toothpaste- if young children swallow too much of it, it might cause dental fluorosis in the child which happens to be a medical condition occurring to fluoride overdose. Children under sic especially should be under supervision while brushing.

Toothpaste that helps to whiten the teeth

Toothpaste can to some extent help to whiten your skin by addressing the issue of staining but it is not quite the same thing or gives as good results as at-home teeth whitening kits and dental-office treatments both of which include peroxide.

What this type of toothpaste does is clean the tooth surface and get rid of stains which aid in making the tooth look whiter. Some toothpaste does contain very little amounts of peroxide but what it essentially does is put into use an abrasive agent to shine up the teeth.

While such toothpastes are indeed helpful in removing the teeth’s discoloration at the surface it is not suitable for everyone particularly those with irritable bowel syndrome.

Antibacterial Toothpaste

This type of toothpaste contains an antibacterial agent called triclosan which is quite common and helps to protect the gums from some bacterial infections which include gingivitis.

Triclosan is useful to maintain oral hygiene but its effectiveness is put into doubt by some medical experts and your dentist is the most suitable person to guide you through this.

Natural Toothpaste

Toothpaste with all-natural formulations can be obtained with ease from supermarkets and even medicine shops and of course online.

This sort of toothpaste is usually free from fluoride and contain ingredients like peppermint oil, myrrh, and aloe in order to perform it's of cleaning the tooth and making the mouth fresher.

This type of toothpaste is more expensive than the regular mainstream toothpaste and are more suitable for people with sensitivity to chemicals and younger brushers. They are effective while at the same time safe even if swallowed.

Toothpaste meant for people with sensitive teeth

If you find your teeth troubled deeply things like ice cream cones, toothpaste for sensitive teeth are what you need.

Most major brands out there have at least one toothpaste formulation meant particularly for people with sensitive teeth and the way they all work is more or less the same too. In this kind of teeth, the gums have receded to some amount thereby making the teeth exposed.

As the teeth root has no enamel in it, it becomes stimulated by changes in temperature and sweets with ease which affects the nerve which lies on the tooth inside. This type of toothpaste is able to block the stimuli from being transmitted through the surface of the root.

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Things to Look for in a Toothpaste

You will be benefitted to amounts determined by the specific toothpaste abilities and its relevancy to your individual case like the following:

  • Fights Tartar - The main reason we use a toothpaste is to get rid of bacteria, food, and stains from the teeth. For this, the toothpaste uses abrasive agents like silica and calcium carbonate.
  • Protection of the enamel - The covering of teeth is called enamel. It is thin and ensures that the teeth stay healthy and is not hypersensitive. With the passage of time, the enamel is eroded which is caused by certain food acids, medications, genetical causes, and even the environment. Enamel cannot be regenerated so it is absolutely essential to make sure that your toothpaste protects the enamel inadequate measure from the damages caused the acids.
  • Ingredients that are safe and do not irritate the body - it is common for toothpaste to contain certain ingredients like triclosan and fluoride. These are considered by international health authorities to be safe. Nevertheless, some people decide to avoid them. Some health bodies make it mandatory that the toothpaste should contain fluoride in order to be certified by it like the ADA or the American Dental Association. Another ingredient that consumers should be aware of is sodium lauryl sulfate which is known to result in canker sores in some people sensitive to it.
  • Taste and consistency - You want to use a toothpaste that keeps you fresh for a long period of time. The texture is also important and needs to be pleasing as otherwise even good toothpastes are likely not to be used at all. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Here are some essential tips to be aware of while you decide on a particular toothpaste:

Get recommendations from your dentist

Be all ears for the advice spelled out by your dentists as to the type of toothpaste you should use. This is especially important if you are going to use whitening or desensitizing toothpaste. You are of course free to choose any particular toothpaste within that type.

But be aware of dental issues that are better addressed by certain types of toothpaste. Use the dentist recommendation as your guiding light in this.

People with sensitive teeth should avoid whitening toothpaste

Everyone wants a brighter smile, and this accounts for the popularity of whitening toothpaste.

Typically, an effective and safe solution but people with sensitive teeth better beware. Certain types of chemical agents result in the symptoms caused by sensitive teeth to worsen and generally cause irritation in your teeth.

In case you have this type of teeth you are better off with expert help of dentists in choosing a teeth whitener that’s suitable for you.

Make sure that you have read the toothpaste label very carefully

There are some particular toothpastes that are suitable for use only by older children and adults. Some others are recommended for use only after consultation with dentists if you want to use it for a period of time exceeding a specific period.

So, you should be well aware of what you are using and how it is meant to be used and the best way to do this is to follow the instructions laid out on the label of the toothpaste. One should also keep in mind the ingredients that constitute the toothpaste.

These consist of flavoring, chemical and sweetening ingredients. You need to make sure that you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients of the toothpaste you use.

Baking Soda Toothpaste

Baking soda is quite not as abrasive as most other cleaning agents contained in toothpaste. People with sensitive or cavity prone teeth will do well to use baking soda toothpaste. It gives the same amount of cleansing but sans the harshness of other toothpaste of equal efficacy.

In addition, this toothpaste variety is able to neutralize acids and absorb odors and commonly used in deodorizing and cleaning products. It is very safe and effective at what it does.

All toothpastes are not suitable for every person

The body chemistry of all persons vary. Not all toothpastes are equally effective at refreshing or cleaning the mouth with equal efficacy. Some toothpaste ingredients are likely to make your teeth more sensitive. If you experience such issues with your toothpaste, then it is definitely time for a change.

If you have allergies or continue to experience symptoms, then it is definitely time you sought medical help.

Avoid toothpaste that is heavy on sweeteners

Excess sugar is one of the leads to decay of the tooth in addition to leading to a large number of health conditions. You can accept a little amount of sugar in your toothpaste, but it would be wise to avoid anything that’s really sweet. You might also consider artificially sweetened toothpaste.

Take dental advice from experts about oral hygiene

While the humble toothpaste is indeed very much an important and necessary part of healthy oral hygiene, it is in no way the sole factor. Other factors that are important include but are not limited to things like proper brushing, flossing and rinsing the mouth with antimicrobial rinses.

You might also want to use strips or kits that help in whitening the teeth. Further, it should be kept in mind that the toothbrush comes in a myriad variety of sizes and shapes and you should try to go for one that suits you best.

The particular dental needs of people vary and your dentist is the person who is in the best position on advising about this.

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