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Looking for the Best Post Pregnancy Belts in India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

After delivery, lot of women try different methods to shed all the excess weight they have put on during pregnancy, and try hard to get back to their pre-pregnancy body.

The primary and important meth used in this process are the magical pregnancy belt, which mainly targets fat and loose skin around the stomach area and you must use post pregnancy belt after c- section.

There are quite a lot of things to think about when it comes to wrapping and binding your stomach post-delivery.

Some of it is usually hype (after all, it's not a miracle cure), but there are quite a few real potential benefits of best maternity belt after delivery. 

Best Post Pregnancy Belts in India

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It is believed that supporting the abdominal region after the delivery is very important. Hence if you wish to buy a post delivery belt here are a few significant factors that you certainly need to consider to choose the right product

  1. 1
    Womb support: If it supports internal organs which include the womb
  2. 2
    Back pain: It should reduce back pain
  3. 3
    Posture: It should helps with the correct posture
  4. 4
    Belly fat: It should reduce fat around the belly region
  5. 5
    Toning: It should tone the abdominal muscles
  6. 6
    Recovery: It should also speeds up the tummy recovery

We Highly recommend you to read the Post Pregnancy Belt Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest Post Pregnancy Belt trends and tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 9 Best Post Pregnancy Belts in India.

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Top 9 Best Post Pregnancy Belts in India

Although my favorite among all is Tynor Abdominal Support but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Tynor Abdominal Support

Tynor Abdominal Support 9 For Post Operative Post Pregnancy - Large (36-40 inches)


  • Broad loop and hook tape is given
  • The postpartum tummy belt size range from 28 to 48 inches
  • It is very light in weight with a thin structure
  • Belt has porous and strong elastic webbing
  • Nylon reeves material prevents rolling up of the belt
  • Product comes with a sole panel of elastic
  • The product has pleasant aesthetics
  • It can be worn beneath the garments

Tynor Abdominal Support is basically a compression post pregnancy belt which can be used after delivery to reduce the waistline.

It also has special feature that is an abdominal binder which supports and compresses the abdominal muscles.

Along with these significant functionalities, this post pregnancy belt after c-section also offers support and binding of operative incisions, ventral hernia, and umbilical. 

It has porous and strong elastic webbing which offers good compression and enhances comfort and ventilation. 

It is specially planned and designed with special wide hook loop closures for offering best postpartum girdle size and fitting adjustability of the tummy tucker belt in the area of the waist.

The Tynor abdominal support belt need to be wrapped around the waist, keeping it straight & in right position as per directions suggested.


  • The absorbent elastic webbing of the post natal belt offers good compression at the same time improves comfort and ventilation.
  • This after delivery belt has several medical functions like ventral hernia and umbilical, and helps to tone up abdominal muscles & binds the operational incisions of abdomen.
  • This belt is particularly designed with broad hook loop which helps to adjust the belt around the waistline.


  • The after delivery belt is quite massive.
  • The size of the belt is a major concern which should be taken care. The lower end of the after delivery belt should match with the bottom of the spine.

2. Goege Waist Trimmer Belt-Postpartum Postnatal Recovery Support Girdle Belt

Goege Waist Trimmer Belt-Postpartum


  • It is breathable and lightweight
  • Its adjustable closure makes it very easy and comfortable to wear
  • Comfortable for your skin making it completely skin-friendly
  • It can be stretched comfortably to fit the curves of your body
  • It correct the posture as well as it helps to reduce waist and back pain

Goege Waist Trimmer Belt-Postpartum Postnatal Recovery Support Girdle Belt is light weight and very comfortable. This belt made from the finest materials.

It can be adjusted according to the size and its stretchy fabric is very cosy and comfortable to wear under clothing.

This particular belt can be used after Postpartum Recovery, best tummy tucker lose the excess weight, reducing waistline.

It can also be used to tone your abdomen musclesshape your tummy and keep you slim. It is the most recommended waist trimmer belt particularly post surgery. It is available in wide range of sizes from S, M, L, and XL.


  • It helps to make you slim
  • It can be used anytime and anywhere
  • It enhance posture
  • It can reduce belly fat
  • It offers lumbar support
  • It also helps to manage your eating habits
  • It helps to detox your body


  • Can make you feel uneasy to wear around the mid section all the time

3. Flamingo Abdominal Belt

Flamingo Abdominal Belt (20cm width)- Medium


  • Product is available in the market in sizes of S, M, L, XL & XXL
  • Weight of the belt is around 522 gm
  • The product is recommended after operation or post delivery to give support to the abdomen area
  • The range of size is between 28 and 48 inches
  • Product can be used to give support to the back or can be used as a postoperative belt
  • This belt also reduces pressure on the bladder & decreases backache

The Flamingo Abdominal after delivery belt is recommended majorly to be used after operation or particularly after delivery to give support to the abdominal area.

This post pregnancy comes in five different sizes which ranges from S to XL size to choose from based on your requirement. 

The use of this particular c section recovery belt can offer several benefits like less pressure on the bladder, less backache, less swelling and varicosities, improved blood circulation majorly in the pelvic area as well as it also offers comfort during workout.

This belt is around 14cm width and can be worn below the clothes as it is small in size. Flamingo Abdominal Binder belt helps to give compression in the front side of the abdomen area to reduce the stubborn belly fat.

It is worn to treat various health related issues, for instance, bariatric support, abdominal hernia reduction, smoothing or flattening of the abdomen, etc.


  • The best maternity belt after delivery is proved to be efficient in improving blood circulation during workouts.
  • The material of this belt is stretchable in nature hence it is very comfortable to wear.


  • This product works solely for post-delivery belly reductions however it cannot be used for any medical purposes.

4. Vissco Sacro Lumbar Belt Back Support

Vissco Sacro Lumbar Belt Back Support


  • It is designed in such a way that it offers comfortable and firm back-support
  • It is made from ventilated elastic which is likely to facilitate air flow
  • It has double elastic strapping for strong support
  • It is made from unique fiber malleable molded material
  • This particular belt promote better posture and even helps ease pelvic anterotation

Incorrect posture, long working hours, excessive weight lifting at the time of workout as well as degenerative changes gradually leads to acute back pain. Due to which your life takes a hit.

From mild to severe condition, whatever your requirement may be, Vissco Sacro Lumbar Belt Back Support comes to your rescue. They offer visible remedial relief for the lumbar spine. 

It also support the back muscles, improves good posture as after pregnancy belt after c-section well as it even helps to decrease pelvic anterotation. 

Vissco Sacro lumbar belt adds the needed pressure to the intra-abdominal area which further adds stability to the spine.


  • Soothe the areas of weakness right after surgery
  • Assist in recovery and Immobilize injured areas
  • It helps to improve posture as well as elongate the spine
  • Helps to decrease pressure and strain on the spine while doing workout
  • Alleviate back ache
  • It helps to make transitional movements more comfortable, such as sitting to standing


  • It may cause lesions and skin irritation
  • Long-term use of this belts can sometimes lead to muscle atrophy

5. OBLIQ 10” Abdomen Support Belt

OBLIQ 10” Abdomen Support Belt


  • It is ideal for damage repair and waist movement. With ease you can utilize it while playing games, sitting, standing or even walking. A person who lifts heavy weights or does yoga, this is an ideal product to opt for.
  • It relieves muscle soreness by providing a warm and soothing effect on your stiff muscles.
  • If you are planning to use during workout time, it will certainly increase your core temperature as well as it also improves your sweat production.
  • It is made of neoprene materials that are lightweight, sweat absorbing, breathable material and cold-proof. It is also smooth & soft and it is skin friendly.
  • It is highly suggested for post-pregnancy usage and for other abdominal surgeries.
  • If you’re suffering from hernia, this unique belt can support your belly by holding the hanging and excess weight from your abdomen area. This offers a slimming and smooth impact on your belly & facilitates quick healing.

This OBLIQ 10” Abdomen Support Belt can be utilized as weight loss binder or a waist inch reduction.

It offers enhanced abdominal support as well as it also provides the user a beautiful and well shaped body.

People suffering from chronic back ailments or people suffering from excessive back ache can use this OBLIQ 10”

Abdomen Support Belt to give extra comfortable support to your back and relief from the pain.

The comfortable waist trimmer cushions, supports and compresses your abdominal muscles and lower back while retaining the therapeutic heat.

Due to these benefits, you will not only lessen your love handles, but also get relief from arthritis and sore muscles.


  • It is made of high-quality fabric
  • It is very comfortable
  • Helps with back pain
  • It can fit perfectly to any size
  • It can be used for long-term and sturdy


  • You should make sure to take the correct body dimensions, before you plan to buy.

6. G.M.S Rehabilitation Tummy Trimmer/Abdominal Belt

G.M.S Rehabilitation Tummy Trimmer/Abdominal Belt


  • This belt can be used as post operative care, tummy trimmer, umbilical & ventral hernia and bind surgical incisions as well as maternity belt post delivery.
  • G.M.S Rehabilitation belt supports the abdomen region as well as compress & comfort the abdominal muscles.
  • This unique belt can also offer waist line reduction, c section recovery belt body shaper, belly Binder, and post operative care.

G.M.S Rehabilitation is a compression belt is majorly utilized for waistline reduction as well as for a postoperative aid.

It’s an abdominal belt or tummy trimmer to provide support to the abdomen & compress the abdominal area.

Other applications comprise ventral and umbilical hernia, post delivery to tone up belly muscles, to bind and protect incisions of the chest and the abdomen.

It has porous & strong elastic webbing which offers good compression & improves comfort and ventilation.


  • The G.M.S Rehabilitation Tummy Trimmer/abdominal Belt uses has several medical benefits like ventral and umbilical hernia, binds operational incisions of chest & abdomen as well as it also helps to tone up abdominal muscles.
  • The belt can be easily adjusted around the waist.
  • Its porous elastic webbing ensures ideal compression and also helps to improve ventilation.


  • Physicians and Doctor’s recommendation is recommended for using this belt

7. Elebae in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap Waist Pelvis Belt Back & Abdomen Support

Elebae in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap Waist Pelvis Belt Back & Abdomen Support


  • Elebae in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery postpartum Belly belt is majorly used as maternity belt, postpartum belt, after delivery and after child birth.
  • The belt is available in Polyester and Cotton material

We all agree that post delivery the belly will go back to its actual state.

It usually takes around six to seven weeks for the uterus to go back to its actual size and with proper post delivery belt and diet you will regain your form.

To gain these benefits, we would recommend using Elebae in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery belt.

It not only helps to shrink the belly but at the same time it also helps to reduce hips and waist.

It helps to prevent abdomen skin from sagging, reduces back and pelvis pain; also, to some extent its helps to reduce stretch marks.


  • Due to its elastic nature this belt can be stretched easily and can be a perfect fit for the body.
  • The belt is breathable and lightweight in nature and makes it an appropriate one to wear for longer period of time.


  • The belt comes in distinct categories before purchasing check for the proper size

8. Baby Bucket Corset Postpartum Abdomen Shaper Belt

Baby Bucket Corset Postpartum Abdomen Shaper Belt


  • Product comes with an adjustable size and helps to reduce the waistline
  • Material of the belt is of nylon and neoprene
  • It is made up of high-quality elastic fabric which is comfortable and breathable
  • It can be worn under clothing
  • This belt gives ample amount of support to the core abdominal muscles
  • Helps in enhancing, supporting, and toning of abdominal muscle after C-section, a natural delivery, or post-partum abdominal operations
  • The belt is accessible in a wide range of colors
  • The corset belt is best for jogging, walking, aerobics, cycling, heavy weightlifting and so on.

If you wish to reduce your fat near the waistline or to strengthen and tighten the area near the abdominal muscles, the baby bucket corset c section recovery belt should definitely be in your list.

The corset belt will not only provide you full support to the abs muscles but at the same time it also help you to get back into shape post delivery.

It comes in comfortable and breathable high quality material and it is extremely light in weight and is skin friendly.  

The Baby Bucket Corset belt helps you to stay in right posture.

It also helps to prevent the belly band from rolling up-side/down when you move or sit. It is very hygroscopic in nature, breathable to wear at the same time very easy to wash.


  • This product will also help in enhancing breastfeeding posture.
  • The breathable and comfortable material of the corset belt makes it exceptionally relaxing and the corset kind gives support to the stomach.
  • It retains and generates remedial heat for abdominal tissues which helps in reducing excess weight near the waistline.
  • The belt accessible in free-size which helps in selecting a correct size


  • A doctor suggestion is needed for using this belt.
  • This free-size corset belt can sometimes get uncomfortable during the period of pregnancy.

9. Farlin Breathable Postnatal Reshaping Abdominal Girdle Belt

Farlin Breathable Postnatal Reshaping Abdominal Girdle Belt


  • The material is made up of 100% natural rubber and Dacron making it very lightweight
  • It is created with smart maternity technologies which let the person stretch freely and get adjusted based on the size
  • The fit is very comfortable and helps in enhancing the body posture
  • It supports core and back muscles and tones them as well
  • You can also wear under your clothing

The company Farlin has come-up with the Farlin Breathable Postnatal Reshaping Abdominal.

Girdle Belt to offer complete support to the abdominal area after delivery as well as it also helps you to get back into your original shape.

The major plus point about this farlin belt is that it can also be utilized by men to reduce waistline

As almost every individual these days are very health conscious and every one of us want to get back in shape quickly thus this best tummy tucker amazing belt will come abdominal belt uses to your rescue to cut down the stubborn fat and also get rid of the stretch marks maternity belt post delivery without much hustle.

It helps in enhancing your figure by strengthening the stomach muscles.


  • The belt offers support and toning of abdominal muscles which helps to lessen stretch marks.
  • The product is convenient, comfortable, and easy to wear.
  • The belt is extremely lightweight and adjustable in nature.


  • This belt pays more attention to weight loss rather than offering optimal support to abdominal muscles.

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Post Pregnancy Belts: Top 9 Best Post Pregnancy Belts in India

What is a Post Pregnancy Belt?

A post-pregnancy belt is a strap that a woman can  wear after the birth of a child to get back their pre-pregnancy figure. It has been designed in such a way that it sits tightly around your torso, supports the abdomen and back to help improve your posture.

It is also made of stretchable fabric so as to fit the natural curves of your body.

Which Postpartum Belly Work

Types of Post Maternity Belts

Post maternity belts come in various types after delivery belt for mother and you have to pick the type after having a consultation with your doctor. Let’s take a look at the types of post-pregnancy postpartum belts that are available in the market:

  • Pull-up Type: If you go by the abdominal belt after pregnancy name ‘pull-up’ type best post pregnancy belt in India, it sounds like an abdominal belt after c section belt underwear that comes with a high waist. It is handy and offers optimal support to the abdomen. If abdominal belt after pregnancy you tummy trimmer belt after pregnancy want to opt for this types of post natal belts, then you need wait till two weeks tummy reducing belt after delivery from your delivery date. It is always advisable to take the advice of your doctor abdominal belt after c section belt before you start wearing it. This type should be avoided by the women who undergo C-section as it might affect the abdominal recovery.
  • Wrap Type: Wrap type belly postpartum belt is quite common and is also convenient to wear. It has been designed to wrap around your torso or midsection to support your back and also offer optimal abdominal compression.
  • Corset Type: This corset type belly belt will offer you maximum support to your tummy after delivery. It is usually crafted from medical grade material, which ensures easy maintenance. Besides, it comes with a snap abdominal belt after c section or  boning closure so that it stays in place.
  • Zipper Type: after delivery belt stomach Another type tummy trimmer belt after pregnancy of belly postpartum belts is zipper type tummy reducing belt after delivery , after pregnancy belt reduce tummy ideal choice for those, who had a C-section. It is designed with zipper either on the after delivery belt for mother side or at the front.  Thus, tummy belt after c section delivery it is convenient to wear as well as take off. So, you can choose based on your convenience, whether you need zip on the front or on the side.

Cons in Using a Postnatal Belt

Wearing a post-pregnancy belt is not a bad decision but there might be some risk involved in it. Therefore, it is recommended to consult your gynecologist before you opt for a post natal belt. The problems that you might suffer from are as follows:

  • Provides great comfort in movement post-delivery

Suitable Time for Post-Pregnancy Belt

Usually, doctors belt to reduce tummy after delivery suggest the mothers to wait for few days tummy after c section before tying their stomach with any post-pregnancy belt. It is recommended to consult your gynecologist about when to start using this kind of belts.

Since your doctor post pregnancy belt after c section will be familiar with your health conditions hence he or she can tell you the right time to wear girdles or belts to get back your pre-pregnancy shape. after pregnancy belt for tummy There are two types of deliveries – Normal delivery and C-Section delivery.

In case of normal delivery, you can start wearing kamar belt this belt within few days belt for womens after delivery from the date of your delivery. But, when it comes to the other type of delivery – C-section, you need to wait for some time like a minimum of six to eight weeks.

The internal wounds should be healed before you start tying your tummy.

Things to Consider While Buying a best postpartum tummy belt

Let’s take a look at the points that need best postpartum girdle tummy reconsideration while choosing for a post-pregnancy belt. There is no doubt that priorities may vary from woman to woman but there are some common things as well.

  • Should be Stretchable: This belt should be designed in such a way that it is stretchable to some extent.
  • Make sure that it is neither too tight nor too loose, otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable. It should give you a proper fit.
  • Should be Comfortable: A post-pregnancy belt should not cause any kind of itching or pain.
  • You should be able to move and stay comfortable for long hours by wearing it.
  • When to wear belt after c section
  • Besides, the maternity belt after c section material should be breathable so that you do not perspire while wearing it.
  • Convenient Design: Design is another factor that matters a lot.
  • It is advisable to opt for a design maternity belt after delivery that has high coverage so that there is no bulging or popping out of the belly.
  • It is not only maternity belt after c section convenient to wear but also tightens the muscles of abdomen, thereby reducing back pain.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to maternity belt after c section get back your desired shape, then pick anyone out of the five top post-pregnancy belts mentioned above. This article has been written with the purpose to guide you in making the perfect choice for yourself.

Here, not only top products postpartum kamar belt belly belt have been discussed but after delivery belt for mother tummy after c section also it enriches after pregnancy belt reduce tummy your knowledge about other factors like postpartum belt after c section what are the risks that you  might face while wearing a maternity belt post delivery belt and also in shape belt after delivery how you can be benefitted from this inshape belt.

The interesting part is that some of maternity belt after delivery the types of belts do have medical purposes other than reducing fat around the abdominal region.  In short, buying a inshape belt will serve you for various purposes.

If you are looking postpartum belt after c section for a way to shed all tummy after c section the extra weight postpartum belly belt that abdomen belt after delivery you have put on during your pregnancy, then you are in shape belt after delivery on the right track.

During this time, the added weight plays havoc not only on your posture but also on your back.

So, to get back your desired figure,  you can opt for a after pregnancy belt reduce tummy, tummy belt after c section delivery which is usually used to after delivery belt for tummy reduce the tummy fat.

It is been since centuries that women have been binding their bellies abdomen belt after delivery just to improve their physical health after delivery belt for tummy and it has been followed generation after generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How soon after birth can I wear a belt?

Most gynaecologists recommend that a post-pregnancy belt be worn by anyone undergoing maternity, a day after giving birth. Doctors suggest starting using the belt because it provides post-pregnancy pain relief, reduces excess tummy fat, and helps achieve the pre-pregnancy agility for the mother.  After a C-section operation, the use of this belt helps reduce any irritation caused by the stitches and reduce the pain considerably. It helps in the recovery process by accelerating it to a large extent. It is also recommended that you should not delay wearing a postpartum belt after pregnancy because, after a certain period, the use of such belts is not as effective as it is during the early days of maternity. Regular use of this belt is advised. 

2. Are postpartum belts effective?

Postpartum belts are quite effective in reducing various health complications after pregnancy. However, there is little scientific evidence to back this claim. Notably, a postpartum belt is said to reduce the tummy fat accumulated during pregnancy, aids posture enhancement, and provides adequate muscle support in the body's affected parts.  Few postpartum belts also claim to influence the internal organs significantly by providing post-pregnancy support. It also helps in reducing back pain that is quite common after delivery and shapes the upper body by tummy tucking. It supports body movement after birth and accelerates the recovery process involved after pregnancy.

3. How should a belt be worn after pregnancy?

There is a significant change in the body to accommodate the foetus during pregnancy. This may cause the internal organs and ligaments to hold them in place to stretch and strain, causing pain that sustains even after pregnancy. A maternity belt greatly helps in reducing this pain and supporting your tummy.  There are several types of maternity belts. The most standard ones can be worn quite easily by merely wrapping the belt around your stomach and fixing the support pad that such maternity belts have directly under your tummy, in the pelvic area.  You are then required to fasten the straps, which are usually fixed with Velcro tapes or hooks as per your preferred comfort and body size.

4. Am I too late to belly bind after 2 months?

There is no significant positive effect of using a maternity belt two months after delivery. It is usually recommended that you start using the belt as soon as the gestation period has ended, one day after the date of delivery. However, while many argue that belly binding after 6 weeks of pregnancy could negatively affect, several doctors and physicians believe that using a belly binder for up to two years of pregnancy can be useful for the mother. Although there is a lack of scientific evidence to support the late use of belly binders, there is research to suggest that the late use of belly binders may lead to the weakening of muscles in the tummy. Similarly, research indicates that using belly binders even after a couple of months of pregnancy helps in pain relief and back support. 

5. Does the postpartum belt help reduce the tummy?

Yes, postpartum belts help with reducing tummy. However, the primary purpose of using such a belt after pregnancy is to provide support and relieve pain. It also helps in maintaining the upper body balance. A standard postpartum belt is extremely useful in preventing your tummy from bulging out after pregnancy rather than reducing tummy fat.  However, there are unique, clinically approved maternity belts that also facilitate the distribution of stress and strain after pregnancy, which accelerates the fat slimming process after delivery.

6. How can I make my tummy flat after delivery?

There are various ways in which you can flatten your tummy after pregnancy. In this case, it is also to be noted that most doctors discourage stressful activities and advise rest after delivery. Hence, most fitness tummy flattening exercise routines are swept off the table.  You may wear a maternity belt for back support and pain relief with an added benefit of flattening your stomach and preventing the post-pregnancy bulging out of your tummy.  You may also practise yoga regularly and take frequent breaks from the usual routine to destress. Regular sleep and drinking 5-6 glasses of water every day are highly recommended. Following a well-balanced nutritious diet with a lot of fruits and proteins is necessary in this respect.

7. How long does it take for the stomach to shrink after pregnancy?

It takes about six to eight weeks for your uterus to return to its standard size, but it is unnatural to get back to the same shape in few days just as before pregnancy. Doctors recommend several activities and the use of a maternity belt to facilitate this process. Anyone undergoing pregnancy should be prepared to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet during as well as after pregnancy. The use of a maternity belt is necessary, especially in C-section delivery, to shrink the stomach size after pregnancy. 

8. Can I use my belly belt while sleeping?

There is no strict routine for the use of maternity belts after pregnancy. However, the usual routine recommended by most doctors involves using the belly belt all day during daily activities and allowing a period of relaxation for the stomach and uterus muscles during sleep. These belts support the back and the inner organs and reduce pain due to strain. You may use the belt during sleep if necessary but only with the advice of the doctor. 

9. What are the drawbacks of post-pregnancy girdles?

Post-pregnancy girdles are one of the most preferred options for post-pregnancy pain relief and back support. However, these devices are often of poor quality with design flaws. Most belly bands only provide minor compression with little to no real support. There is a significant lack of research on belly belts that take care of the design experience on daily use. There is currently little scientific research to support its use. Many such belts are also unsuitable for prolonged use. However, there are high-quality girdles available today that are ergonomically designed to focus on particular areas of the body to offer maximum support and relief. These are often quite durable and also provide flexibility in use. 

10.  Is it necessary to wear a belt after the C-section?

All doctors recommend the use of a maternity belt after delivery in case of a C-section delivery. A good quality maternity belt supports the uterus while the incisions are healing along with the stitches. It also provides pain relief and rigid support for the tummy and back. It is ideal for wearing the belt for at least 6 months after a C-section delivery. 

Here is the List of Top 9 Best Post Pregnancy Belts in India

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