January 1, 2020

The brand new model of LG is the package of great picture quality and its name is LG C9 65 inch class 4K smart OLED TV.

It comes with sleek and beautiful design, smooth OS and high quality of the picture. With the help of artificial intelligence, LG is improving its products and LG C9 represents an achievement of OLED evolution. 

In 2020, LG is providing premium quality products and more stability. With all these things, LG has also upgraded the stand of the TV which gives the sleek look to TV. 

If you are thinking to buy a new TV then it is a good option to buy LG C9 65 inch class 4K smart OLED TV option to buy LG C9 65 inch class 4K smart OLED TV.

When you will open the box of TV, you will find much inside. With TV stand, it comes with the magic motion remote control of LG, eight Philips head screws, and A/V component breakout cable and two AA batteries. It also comes with big deals and new features.

It has the most important feature of HDMI 2.1 certification for the HDMI ports of the C9. Not only has this, with the help of HDMI 2.1, the TV also offered 4K resolution at up to 120 frames per second (FPS), variable refresh rate (VRR), support for enhanced audio return channel and auto low latency mode.

The following article will give you the best review of LG C9 65 inch class 4K smart OLED TV.

Some features that will attract you:

  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • High picture quality
  • Bright room picture
  • Bright room picture
  • Best video processing
  • Superb uniformity
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Perfect black levels
  • Accurate colours

Design of LG C9

To include the HDMI 2.1 in the 4K TVs, LG is the only manufacturer or company and it is giving the big competition to other big companies. LG's OLED TVs reliably offer the absolute best plans on the planet.

The organization uses the special properties of OLED innovation to make an astoundingly flimsy and exquisite presentation that strips the board down to the basics of a glass board and a layer of printed OLED pixels, sponsored with a sparkling layer of brushed aluminum, with a gunmetal finish that slimes style.

LG C9 comes with a size of 57 x 32.7 x 1.8 inches without the stand. At the bottom of the TV, its thickness is less than 2 inches which have internal components and speakers.

You will be surprised to know that the top part of the TV is just 0. 1 inch thick and this is very impressive. Slimness is such that you have to stop and stare, even if you have seen dozens of premium TV designs.

The only thing that can handle the design to complete your wallpaper and roll out LG, which is inspired by the concept is that the screen is glass and innovative. The C9 sits lower than the set, thanks to the low slung stand design.

The brushed metal stand looks elegant, like the rest of the TV and with the dark finish of the TV cabinet providing a small contrast.


TV has total four HDMI inputs in which three inputs are at the side and one facing the rear. TV has three USB ports in which one at the side and the other two ports facing rearwards, a LAN port, optical output, CI slot, along with satellite tuner and a terrestrial and earphone or headphone jack.

In the context of wireless option, TV has built-in Bluetooth (5.0), Wi-Fi (802.11ac) and AirPlay 2. In this model of TV has a built-in microphone. Not only this, it has various functions with Amazon and Netflix. There is no doubt that with all these features and specifications, it has minimalist and sleek design.

While the exterior design C9s only provide a small improvement compared to the previous model, port selection presents a major upgrade. All current basic connections: three USB ports, RF connector, and antenna for large audio systems for composite input and older hardware, a tuner for optical output.

But the real star of the partition, four HDMI ports; All uses HDMI 2.1, which you will find only on the 2019 model of LG.

The new standard will be 4K support at 120 Hz, dynamic HDR and enhanced audio return channel (eARC) updates to handle uncompressed audio soundbar and surround sound system, providing new and improved version with pipe using rear channel technology will allow you to reduce cable clutter with cable handling between the TV and the soundbar.

Smartest TV with high technology

The latest iteration of the LG C9 webOS claims some changes and the platform remains largely the same, as long as the game changes. On the launcher bar of the, there is now a second or double tier for a start. This same specification is also found on the Tizen system of the Samsung.

The feature of the second tier is very useful as it gives quick access to add the AI preview and content which recommend to the people who have these types of viewing habits. TV has also Intelligent Edit feature to edit the apps list which makes it very handy to use.

C9 has access to a lot of apps such as Rakuten, Now TV, YouTube, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

It has an AI feature of recommendation which recommends different channels according to your viewing habits because it analyzes and monitors your habits. You can turn this feature off if you want to annoy it.

It has many more other features such as Home dashboard which connects your mobile, home loT devices and input in a single hub. With the help of smart TV, you can monitor and control the connected devices and it also supports to connect with Homekit.

The AI platform of LG, ThinQ already comprises Google Assistant. Not only this, but LG is also planning to give features to connect Amazon Alexa with future updates.

High Performance of LG C9

LG C9 has an OLED panel of 65 inches which makes it so stunning. It has excellent colour quality, very smooth actions, and impressive brightness.

LG has put a high level for quality OLED, the fact is that it does not really offer a significant improvement in the C9 display panel, which we saw last year. 

Panel technology has not changed as the technology has been pushed so far as it wills anywhere. The 2019 panel is slightly brighter than the previous models, but on the contrary, they provide the same quality and performance as seen on older versions.

The LG Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor functions on the usual new Smart TV. It maintains the same performance under enhanced noise reduction, great movement, and AI-powered brightness control improving image quality through changes in lighting conditions.

Also the best approach, we have seen that the colour is without shift or a negative effect, to see if the condition retains its colour until the dead centre retains its colour. The fact is, in the largest angle, the major problem is image glass.

Lab Test Results of LG C9

The C9 looks incredible, however, some of the time makers will give a TV show a change that makes it look great while really making it marginally less precise.

The set may cut less consistent with the exact hues and lighting that a chief planned, while the splendour or shading immersion gets an increase to make pictures pop somewhat more on-screen. These progressions may even goose the numbers in testing, similar to the assessments we execute as a component of each survey.

Fortunately, LG's OLED shows look extraordinary, yet they additionally offer strong precision and amazing specialized capacity.

Installation of TV

The stand also includes Slim provides a very solid foot on a TV, and well, it should be about 20 pounds itself. Stands centred in the middle of the screen using a wide, flat foot. This stand is spread in several inches, which is a broad base that provides the management of the interrupter as the anchor of a 65-inch TV.

Without the TV stand, the weight of TV is 55.6 pounds. To hung the TV with 300 x 200-millimeter VESA mount on the wall and stand with the 74.7 pounds.

If you are installing the TV then you can easily attach the stand with the help of a screwdriver but it is suggesting you take the help of one more person because the size of TV is big which is difficult to handle by one person.

Price and Availability of LG C9

At the worldwide level, the LG C9 comes with three screen size variants:

  • 55 inches: OLED55C9PUA (£1,799/$1,796.99)
  • 65 inches: OLED65C9PUA (£2,799/$2,796.99)
  • 75 inches: OLED77C9PUB (£7,498/ $6,496.99)

In the end, it can recommend to those people who love high technology and comfort, they have the best option to buy LG C9 as it gives you the best quality with high technology.

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