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Caffeine is the most widely used psychoactive substance in the world. There are innumerable benefits of caffeine, and unlike other psychoactive substances, caffeine is unregulated and legal in almost the entire world.

To prepare coffee in the early days, the coffee beans were quickly raked up, roasted and added to hot water.

Milk was added in the drink by a Dutch ambassador in the mid-seventeenth century. And eventually, this practice perpetuated throughout the world.   

Black coffee, which is only brewed and has nothing other than water in it, was the most ancient coffee version. The trend minimized eventually as milk was added in the beverage along with sweeteners (honey and sugar).

How to Make Black Coffee (2020)

But in recent years, black coffee has regained popularity with coffee addicts preferring the darker version. Apart from the mysterious bitter and vibrant flavor that lingers on the taste buds, black coffee has various advantages, making it a favorite among the coffee connoisseurs. 

Coffee has several advantages:

  • It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • It helps to reduce the level of inflammation in the body.
  • Black coffee is the ultimate source of antioxidants. It enriches the body with B2, B3, B5, manganese.
  • Black coffee enhances the level of insulin in the body, thereby decreasing the risk of diabetes.
  • It keeps the body and minds young. Parkinson’s disease is always at bay for the person who consumes black coffee regularly.
  • By stimulating the central nervous system, black coffee increases dopamine secretion in the body.

The Coffee Essentials

Coffee Beans

The first step to making yourself an excellent cup of coffee is to look out for some good quality ground coffee. There are four types of primary coffee beans.


These beans are produced most widely and are the most common. Arabica beans are known for their sweeter and more delicate flavor, as the coffee is less acidic.

These beans are farmed at high altitudes where rainfall is plenty.

Since farming of Arabica beans is challenging as it is more prone to be infected by insects, these beans’ prices are slightly higher than others.

But coffee enthusiasts are ready to pay the price to savor the beans’ smooth and delicate taste.

How to Make Black Coffee (2020)


These beans are much easier to grow and harvest as compared to the Arabica beans. Robusta beans have a harsh, strong, and bitter taste profile., Due to higher caffeine levels, these beans are a natural insect repellent and thus are easy to farm. It can be grown at several altitudes.


These beans were first farmed in the Philippines. These beans are consumed less when compared to Arabica and Robusta.   Enthusiasts have reported the beans to have a smooth woody taste.


These beans are a part of the Liberica family. They are mostly used in the Southeast-Asian continent and have a tart-fruits flavour. There are a lot more varieties of coffee beans. The preference must be yours while you choose the most appropriate beans for your drink.

If you want to enjoy the smooth, delicious taste with varying acidity levels, you should go for light coloured beans. On the contrary, when you want to enjoy a robust lingering flavour with a pinch of harshness, you should go for more roasted beans that are darker.

The amount of caffeine you desire is also an important criterion to choose for the beans. Robusta beans have a higher caffeine content when compared to Arabica. In terms of beans’ color, lighter beans have higher caffeine content, while the comparatively darker beans are less in terms of caffeine content.


If possible, get yourself a grinder. Coffee tastes best when the exclusive oils inside the beans are evenly distributed. That being said, the way you grind the beans plays a crucial role as well.

You can always buy a sealed pack of ground coffee beans if it is impossible for you to get a grinder. 

Grind Size

Grind size is the thickness of the grounds. The finer the grounds, the harder it will be for water to filter through them. On the contrary, water filters easily if grounds are coarse.

Medium-sized roasts are best for the preparation of black coffee. The brewer must also prefer a burr grinder rather than a blade grinder.

If in case you don’t have access to a burr grinder, make sure to use the blade grinder multiple times. You can move to the next step when you are ready with ground beans.

How to Make Black Coffee (2020)

Water Quality

Water to be used in the brewing process plays a vital role in determining the output. Distilled water should never be used in coffee preparation. Keep the amount of water in check though; the higher water content will dilute the coffee.

Black Coffee - Using Pour Over Method

The most preferred method to produce high-quality black coffee is the pour-over, single-cup method. It creates the richest taste in coffee.

This method accentuates the intricate flavours into the coffee compared to alternate methods like French Press method and Cold brew method.

As the process is manual, it allows the water to extract the coffee oils and fragrances neatly. 

Instruments needed

The brewer needs to have a kettle, a funnel, brewing device, and unbleached filters to produce the best black coffee.

How to Make Black Coffee (2020)

Brewing Device 

Brewing device or simply a dipper is a piece of equipment that holds the filters and the grounds. Some widely used brewing devices are V60Kalita WaveThe Chemex is another device with a unique design. Every device has a unique filter paper designed to fit with the device perfectly.

These devices are simple to use and are widely available.


There are two broad categories of filters that could be used - Paper filters and Cloth filters. Paper filters must be adequately rinsed before use. Otherwise, they often lead to paper taste.

Many brewers and coffee enthusiasts prefer cloth filters since they don’t affect the flavour and do not affect the environment.

While it remains the choice of individual brewers, one must always try to use filters to fit the device well.

How to Make Black Coffee (2020)


  • Once you are ready with all the accessories, you can begin the preparation of black coffee. Place your device on the table and place the filter over it. You can also use a cup that could hold the entire brew and place the funnel over it.
  • Place a filter paper on the funnel mouth and put approximately three tablespoons of ground coffee beans before you start brewing. For the best results, it is recommended to put 60 to 70 grams of the beans per liter of water. It is essential to wet the filter paper to facilitate proper extraction.
  • Boil the kettle and wait for it to cool for at least 30 seconds to one minute. The temperature for brewing the coffee, ideally 93 degrees Celsius, may vary as per the requirement and the beans in use. If the beans are darker, the temperature required is less (90.5 degrees Celsius). If the beans are comparatively lighter, the brewing temperature should be high up to 97 degrees Celsius.
  • Set the timer for four minutes and wet the beans with the first cycle of the pour. Start the process by pouring two ounces of water. Wait for the next 30 seconds and repeat the same process for the remaining time. The brew time preferred for darker roasts can be comparatively less. But when the roasts are lighter, it is always advised to use longer brew times.

As the allotted time ends, you may stop the brewing process. The coffee is ready to be served. 

How to make Black Coffee at Home

Black Coffee - Using Machine

The critical difference between the pour-over method of preparing coffee and relying on the machine is that in the first method, the brewer has complete control over the whole process.

One cannot control the latter process, but machine coffee saves a lot of time. Here is the procedure to make black coffee using the machine:

  1. 1
    If you need to use a machine for brewing coffee, it is recommended to purchase the coffee beans in small batches. The beans are kept for a long time to get rancid.
  2. 2
    If the coffee-maker hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it is recommended to clean the coffee maker to get the best taste possible. Run the machine on cleaning mode or simple brewing mode with a mixture of distilled water and vinegar. Vinegar helps to get rid of the hard water minerals that might have built up with time.
  3. 3
    Follow up with further two cycles of brewing to get away with the vinegar residue that might have remained after the first run.
  4. 4
    Grind the roasts with the grinder. Burr grinder gives more even grind. If you have a blade grinder, rock the roasts multiple times.
  5. 5
    Use approximately two to three tablespoon of roast per eight oz. cup. While initially, the coffee might not taste like something you want; but with the time you will eventually get the right amount of roast that would produce the perfect flavour.
  6. 6
    You can opt to turn off the automatic warming feature on the machine. While the automatic machines are programmed to brew coffee at 93-degree Celsius, the automatic warming feature may sometimes make the coffee taste much bitter.    

Black Coffee - Using Coffee Powder

Coffee powder is an instant way to make coffee. Only hot water is needed for making coffee using coffee-powder. The beans are already roasted, dehydrated and powdered by the company producing the powder.

  1. 1
    As per the requirement, boil the water on the stove-top. You may otherwise microwave the water for two minutes. For a single serving, approximately 240 mL of water may be sufficient.
  2. 2
    Check the container of the instant coffee powder to see how much coffee must be added to the water. Most of them recommend 1 or 2 tablespoons of the powder. Add the same amount to a separate mug.
  3. 3
    Mix the powder with cold water. Gently dissolve the powder with coffee powder first then pour the powder in hot water. It helps to improve the flavour.
  4. 4
    Add the hot water carefully into the mug. Make sure to pour the water gently if you are not using a kettle.
How to Make Black Coffee (2020)

Brands like Blue Tokai, The Flying Squirrel, Lavazza, Nescafe, and Bru are some of the instant coffee powders most prevalent in India. Every brand has a unique combination of different coffee beans. According to your needs, you may select the brand which suits you the most. 

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Garima is a proficient editor/proof-reader/writer with 5 years of experience in the publishing industries. She has worked with publishers like Wiley, Thieme, and Oxford and offers quality and reasonable services to authors, publishers, businesses, websites, and students She loves cooking whenever she is free from work, loves to cook new dishes. When she is free from work she likes to cook. She loves to try out new recipes of different cuisines. She has also a very keen interest in modern kitchen trends. Know more About Garima

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