January 4, 2020

At one stage or the other, every one of us has thought about losing weight. Currently, bad eating habits and the stressful lifestyle have made obesity and related health issues go-up on a global scale.

People today understand staying fit is important for overall health, which is why a lot are trying to lose weight but in a healthy manner. Though previously fad diets were considered great for getting back into shape, currently people are starting to understand how unhealthy the concept of dieting is.

There are healthier and happier ways to lose the extra pounds as compared to dieting. All it takes is incorporating some healthy changes in our lifestyle. The article can also let you know that how to reduce weight naturally.

Here are some points on How to lose weight without dieting in one month:

Don't Skip Your Breakfast

When we finally start on our weight-loss journey, the first thing that we forgo is breakfast.

In our attempt to eat less, we start with quitting breakfast, the most important meal of the day. This will not only make us cranky and make it hard for us to focus on the important tasks, but it will also make it harder for us to keep to our pledge of eating less and eating healthy.

Having a well-balanced and filling breakfast makes it easier for us to go through the day without having to think about hunger and unhealthy food. A full stomach means we will have a better chance of making the right choices when it comes to the food we eat throughout the day.

Include a lot of colourful fruits, vegetables, wholegrain, nuts and probiotic foods like curd or yoghurt to get full faster, stay full longer and get a lot of nutrients the first thing in the morning.

Eat Fresh Produce and Add Grains to Your Daily Routine

When you want to know how to lose weight in one month, the first thing you have to do is look at what you are eating for every meal. The best meal is something that has at least one food from every one of the food groups. Hence, a good meal is one that has vegetables, a source of protein, good carbohydrates and fats.

To lose weight, include a lot of fibrous vegetables in every meal; fiber in addition to the water in the gut becomes a fibrous gel which takes time to digest. So, eating a lot of fiber helps you to eat less and stay full for a long time.

Additionally, adding lean meats and wholegrain to your meals will keep you energetic and helps you avoid the simple carbs that can be easily converted to fat if not used up in the body. So, take time and plan your meals; include a lot of vegetables, wholegrain and lean protein sources to lose weight gradually.

Avoid Sugary Beverages

Beverages can pose a huge problem when you are looking to lose weight. These sugary drinks not only don’t help quench our thirst, but they also don’t even satisfy our hunger. The only thing these sugary beverages are good at is filling us up with sneaky, empty calories.

So, it is better to avoid all sorts of beverages, whether it is your favourite colas, packaged fruit juices or energy drinks. A look at the back of the package will shock you at how much sugar each serving has.

The best thing to do is to substitute the sugary beverages with water or fruit juices or fruit and vegetable smoothies made at home.

Drink a Lot of Water at Regular Intervals

Drinking a lot of water at regular intervals also helps in losing weight quickly. Studies have shown that most people can’t differentiate between hunger and thirst and have snacks in-between meals when they just need to drink some water. 8-10 glasses of water per day is a good rule to follow.

Additionally, if you are looking to lose some weight, have a glass of water 15 minutes before the meal. A glass or two of water immediately after you wake up not only is great for weight loss but for your overall health in general. Water is easy to absorb when it is slightly cool.

If you find it hard to just have water every time, some lime or lemon juice can improve the taste. But avoid adding salt and sugar at all costs as too much salt/sugar has negative effects on your weight loss endeavours.

Count Your Steps with a Fitness Band or a Google Step Counter

When you suddenly start to eat less, the first thing that happens is your metabolism rates also drop. This is disadvantageous as we need our body to burn off the extra fat to get rid of the extra pounds. The best way to get the metabolism rate up is to walk.

Get a pedometer like a Fitbit or Google step counter and count your steps/day. The 10,000 steps a day rule is a great way to lose weight without dieting. Increase the number of steps you take per day; walk the short distances to the nearest coffee shop, restaurant or grocery store. Also if you are willing to know how to lose weight without exercise then this can be the best advice for you. 

Another great way is to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Finally, just going for a walk or a run early in the morning or in the evening can also be a great way to boost your metabolic rate and burn calories faster.

Eat Without Distraction

The first step to being mindful is present when eating. This means no TV, smartphone or any other electronics that will distract your attention from the food.

Studies have shown that when people are concentrating on something else when eating, they tend to eat more. Looking at the food, we are eating and being mindful of how much we eat will automatically help us eat less and lose weight.

Trim Portion Sizes

The next important change that can help lose weight without dieting is being mindful of the portion size. The size of the portions, especially when eating at a restaurant, is larger than what we actually need. So, consistently eating more than what we need can lead to piling up of the extra pounds.

Additionally, eating something filling and healthy before going to a party can also help you eat less and eat healthily. Since you aren’t hungry, you will end up eating less too.

Use a Small Plate for Unhealthy Food

Along with cutting down on the portion size, using smaller plates, especially when eating junk food, using red plates when eating junk food, can also help you eat lesser than normal.

Chew Thoroughly

It is a well-known fact that it actually takes time for our brain to know when we are full. Eating slowly can be a good strategy for weight loss without dieting.

When we eat slowly, taking our time to chew, we not only give our brain enough time to acknowledge when we are full but chewing more allows our mouth to taste what we are eating which in turn induces a feeling of satiety.

Thus, properly chewing and eating slowly not only helps you eat less but also make you feel more satisfied with your meal. There are also studies that prove that eating with your hands vs eating with a spoon makes people feel more satiated.

Close Your Kitchen at Night

Recent studies have shown that people who complete their dinner before 7 PM have better control over their weight. An early dinner and a rule of no-eating after 10 PM can help you stay fit more easily. A good rule to follow in your home is no-cooking after 8 PM.

Also if you want to know how to lose weight at home then this could be the best solution for you.

And in case you feel like having something after your dinner and before going to bed, go for some unsweetened yogurt or some warm milk. This isn’t just healthy, but the yogurt is good for your GI tract, and a glass of warm milk helps you sleep better.

Switch to the Lighter Alternative

The most common thing people do when trying to know how to lose weight in one month is throwing out unhealthy snacks. Though the packets of salty chips and sugary foods are unhealthy and pile up on the calories, just removing the unhealthy snacks from your routine isn’t enough.

You need to substitute it with something healthy, or you will find yourself making bad food decisions and splurging on something else unhealthy (food apps are so convenient!). So, when you are on your weekly grocery trip, look for and include some healthy snack options too.

Anybody who has tried slimming down before knows what a herculean task it is. Having to get rid of bad habits and making tough lifestyle changes can be hard. But once you get into the groove and start getting used to your new healthier lifestyle, there won’t be any going back.

Sometimes, it is hard to stay motivated as it takes time to actually see results. But remember, once you start losing the extra pounds, you will find how easy it is to lose weight. Keep going for your dream one-step-a-day, and before you know it, you would have attained your goal of weight loss.

Losing the extra pounds not only means you look gorgeous, but it means you are fitter and healthier too. So, just go for it!

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