Google Pay, the digital wallet and an online payment system developed by Google, came up with a scheme which encouraged its users to collect five stamps to earn prizes.

The five stamps being offered were exclusively covered under its Diwali scheme. The stamps to be collected included Diya, Jhumka, Flower, Lanterns and Rangoli. 

Under the #StampsWaliDiwali scheme launched by the app, it enabled users to directly win Rs.251 while it offered a chance to win Rs. 1 Lakh in some cases. 

Although the users were able to collect four of the five stamps which included the Diya, Jhumka, Flower and Lantern, to get the Rangoli stamp proved a litmus test for them. 

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Below are some of the methods which could help you earn a Rangoli stamp:

  • THE EAT FIT METHOD: Suggested by Google itself, the method may help you get a Rangoli stamp.You will just have to find the Food Option from Google Pay and select the ‘Eat Fit’ option. Place your order with at least Rs.35. Having done that, Google assures you would get the Rangoli stamp.
  • USING A CREDIT CARDYou may earn a Rangoli or Flower stamp if you pay your credit card bill using the Google Pay application. First, you will have to download the Cred App from the store. Next, open the downloaded app and go on to pay your credit card bill using the same. You will either get the Rangoli stamp or the Flower stamp. The chances of getting the stamp increase if the paid amount is more than 50 rupees.
  • BOOK REDBUS: Suggested by Google again, in this method, you will have to open the app and look out for the RedBus option there. Now, book a minimum amount ticket and select the journey date after fifteen days. Pay using Google Pay, and once the transaction is successful, you will either get a Rangoli stamp or Flower stamp. Once you get the stamp, you may go to ‘My Trips’ and cancel the ticket. The amount will be refunded in your bank account in 5 to 7 days.
  • USING PAYTM: The method uses the PayTM application to carry out the task. Firstly, you will have to add an amount, at least Rs.35, to the PayTM wallet from Google Pay. In the next step, tap on BHIM UPI on the payment page and select Google Pay as a UPI app. You will now have to pay using Google pay application, and you will have earned yourself a Rangoli or Flower stamp. This method is verified by many users.
  • “OVEN STORY PIZZA”: Click on Order Pizza and click on OvenStoryPizza from the Food Menu. Now order any pizza and apply the code “GPSTORY” to get a flat 50% discount. Complete the transaction and along with the pizza, you will have earned your stamp.
  • RECHARGE: In this method, you will have to get a Recharge or Pay Bill or scan a Merchant QR code to get the Rangoli stamp. The least amount you will have to pay is Rs.35. Once the transaction is complete, you will get your stamp.
  • DTH METHOD: In this method, first, you will have to update Google Play app and tap on New Button. As you do so, search for Tata Sky and select Tata Sky DTH. Click on the same, and once you find it, use your own Tata Sky Number or DTH number to pay using Google Pay. Enter at least Rs.35. Once the transaction is complete, you might get the stamp. Note that this method will not allow you to get the stamp always. It may or may not work and is only usable by the users having their own DTH number.
  • CLONE APP: In this method, you will have to create a clone application or dual application in the device or another device. Login into the same using a new Gmail account and enter your number. You may not link the account to your bank account. Verify using the OTP and log in. Use this account to scan any picture, and you will be rewarded with stamps. Send the earned stamps as a gift to your main account. This method can be used multiple times to earn stamps daily, but every time you will require a new Gmail account and number.
  • AMAZON OR FLIPKART: Add any item in either the Amazon cart or Flipkart with a minimum amount of Rs.35 or more. Pay using BHIM UPI by entering your Google Pay Address, carry out a transaction using Google Pay application. There is a high chance to get a stamp using this method.
  • BUSINESS QR CODE: Create your own Business QR if you don’t have one. Once you get the QR code, save it in your device. Go to Google Play app and scan your QR code. Make a payment of Rs.35 minimum at least five times. As you do that, you may get great chances of earning the stamps.

How I Got 251₹ in Google Pay with Proof

With all the methods mentioned above, you may earn the Rangoli stamp and would be able to redeem Rs.251 as a reward. Apart from all the methods, you may always open your stamp option. There you will see a Gift or Request Stamps option.

You can always request your friends or contacts to give you the required stamps! Also, you can also send one to your friend.

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