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The season of gifting is here and we all are gearing up to buy the best gifts for our families and friends. In fact not only during the festivals, we in India need to give gifts at various occasions.

And when it comes to giving the right gift to men, we women often start thinking a lot. If the man happens to be our father, brother, husband or a close friend, then we often know what we want to gift to them.

However, we often are clueless when we have to give a gift to our bosses, or a colleague at work.

We often have to give gifts to men who stay in our neighborhood and would have invited us for a housewarming party or something like that at their homes.

At work often I had to face a situation of buying a gift for a team member whose birthday was coming up. Often since we are the spocs for the fun committees, we have to take the responsibility of choosing a gift for a farewell party of a male colleague whom we do not know much.


This article is meant for everyone who has found himself or herself in such situations. I have often depended on amazon, Flipkart, shoppers stop vouchers so that they can buy something of their choice. There is no harm in giving such gifts because we know that the money was not wasted for sure.

This article is also meant for men who find it extremely difficult to buy gifts for their male colleagues and male friends. Since their childhood, often their mothers and sisters would have chosen the gifts for the birthday parties which they have attended. And by the time they reach college, the status quo changes.

Guys only end up buying gifts for girls who are their friends or girlfriends. With other men, it’s always a treat. Men normally do not buy gifts for other men unless they are extremely close friends. So read on, and save yourself from all the hassles of choosing the right gift for men.

We Highly recommend you to read the Gift for Men Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest gifts for men and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Gifts for Men

Although my favorite among all is Books but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Books

They say that you can never go wrong with books. That is true in many senses and for grown up men, books are a great gift. However, it is very important for us to know the taste of the person. However, normally auto biographies, self-help books, books on management are the chosen ones for men.

2. Perfumes and Deodorants

This is one gift which men often would appreciate. Again one needs to know the taste of the person whom we are going to gift it. Normally aqua and citrus fragrances do very well with men.

3. Wallets

Gifting wallets also brings good luck as it is associated with the finances of a man. It is said that if you have got a wallet as a gift, then more money will come to you.

5. Ties, Handkerchiefs and Cufflinks

This is a very useful gift which men will always appreciate. Since they will need to use it at their work place regularly or at special occasions, it is good to gift the good quality ones.

10. Clothing and Shoes

Men need more bags and luggage compared to women because they often have to go out of town for business meetings etc. With the invasion of IT and ITes industries in India, travelling abroad too has become a norm.

Women too working in senior positions or critical projects travel, however, due to the responsibilities of home and office, they often back out from frequent travelling kind of roles.

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Gifts for Men

Types of Gifts - Occasion based


If you thought that men do not care much about their birthdays, then think again. They may not bother to show that they want to be treated specially on that day, as men have a habit of keeping their emotions under cover; however, they too like to be treated differently on their special day.

Men like women too like surprises, however, most of the men prefer to be in their comfort zone. So if you want to do something drastic on his birthday, then hold on to your thoughts. Do it step by step.

So if you are a newly married couple and this is his first birthday, then it will be better to include the in-laws as they have been the most important part of his life all these years.

May be you can start the day with the blessings of his parents by inviting them home if they live in the same city, or through a video call of they are in a different city. You may choose to buy a new smartphone or tab only to give this surprise to him. He will be yours forever.

If you are married for a couple of years and both of you are comfortable with each other, then you may organize a small party at home and give an exclusive gift like a watch with his name embossed, or an exotic perfume etc.

Men normally do not take leaves on their birthdays as they find it very embarrassing. So if you are planning to keep a lovey dovey spa message couple session, then keep it for the weekend. Just do a little cake cutting at home before he leaves for his work place and then take him out on a romantic dinner in the evening.

Since men always have been the providers for the families, they do not expect any expensive gifts from their wives. Even though today women are earning well, still psychologically men appreciate the sweet gestures more than the expensive gifts.

Books, shirts, watches, perfumes are always welcome on birthdays.


Most of the men try to take a leave on this day in order to spend it with their wives. Most of the time, they would have made the arrangements of making this day special for their spouses.

So if you already know that he has done something like booking for a romantic candlelight dinner, small vacation, spa therapy etc. then just allow him to shower his love. This is their way of saying, ‘’Thank you for coming in my life and making my home a heaven.’’

If you know how to knit or stitch, then knit a pullover for him. He will cherish that gift forever. If not, then bake a cake at home. Men love the caring touch on the special occasions which a woman can bring to the table.

You may choose to gift him a couple watch set and insist him to wear it for that evening. If you both are going for a short trip, then you may choose to give him a trolley bag or luggage item which will come handy.

You may buy some adult entertainment items online and surprise him on this day. He will definitely appreciate your efforts in making your bedroom times more exciting. 

Valentine’s Day

This is another special romantic day in a couple’s life which Indian couples have started celebrating in the last decade. If your man has made some plans to take you out, then take special care in dressing up. Make him feel like the prince charming with shining armor that night.

It’s not that only women love sensuous lingerie. Now even a huge collection is available for men. You may choose to buy some exotic ones online if you have not tried them already and insist him to wear them to make the dull nights colorful.

You may even gift a nice cufflink set, watch, wine bottle on this occasion. If you are planning to cook for him that night, then make his favorite cuisines and arrange the table in a romantic fashion. Put candles and flowers all over and invite your prince charming to your den with style.

Festivals like Diwali, Dussera, Christmas etc.

It is family time and hence it is always better to give some gifts which your man can show everyone. Jewellery like women, men too prefer to buy during Akshay Tritiya or dhanteras. Clothes, luggage items also are bought during this time.

Home appliances, gadgets for him which he had been planning to buy, or the objects of his hobby or interest can be gifted during the festivals.

Promotions and job change

This is a very important time in a man’s life. He works very hard to get that coveted promotion, or he takes up a new role in a new organization. Being a lovable wife, you should always celebrate the same. This will motivate your man to do better in his career and in turn secure the future of the family further.

You may choose to throw a party along with his office colleagues and close friends, or you may choose to celebrate it along with family and friends. Choose a nice Tuxedo and wish him luck for the next promotion right from now on.

Or buy an expensive watch, or a tie set and tell that now since your presence will be required in more number of meetings and negotiations, you will need them. He will absolutely appreciate your thoughtfulness and adore you forever.

gifts for men

Types of Gifts - Budget Based

Under 1000

If you are a woman who celebrates each and every day and want to celebrate small occasions like the day when your hubby proposed to you, or when both of you went for your first date, or the date when you both engaged, or the date when you conceived your first child, then these will be the best gifts for you.

You may choose to take a leave from work that day, or take a half day without telling your husband. You may choose to work from home that day (if your company allows that). If you are a home maker, then you need not worry about these things.

Bake a nice cake of baking is your thing. Else get a nice one from the market. To make the evening exotic, you may choose to buy some wine and decorate the sinner table with exotic candles and chocolates. Ensure that there is no one to disturb you on your date.

You may think of leaving your kids at a crèche, friend’s place or relative’s place. Buying a nice tie, some books, earphones, T-shirts will be good gifts under 1000 for your husband. He will definitely appreciate it if he has been planning to buy them and has been talking about it.

The following links will be helpful for you to pick a few on the go from the e-tailers. Else you may choose to buy from your local wine shops too.

Under 5000

If you cannot manage to go out, then going out with your hubby on an exotic dinner date will be a great idea. Buy books, luggage, or most of the items mentioned above which will come within this range.

More than spending money, spend time with him. Make his mundane life romantic and exotic. Women get so busy with their careers and the added responsibility of children that men always start feeling neglected in the household.

Do not allow your relationship to go stale and always add that extra zing whenever you feel the spark dying down. Most importantly talk to him to find out what’s happening in his life, especially at his work place. Try to be his best friend and once in a while get his favorite single malt on the way back home from work.

Under 10,000

You may buy multiple things in this range. If he is a gamer, then many gaming consoles will come. You may choose to gift him a bar cabinet which he has been planning to buy. Or that barbeque chimney which he wants to install in the garden and invite his friends.

In short instead of opposing to his ideas, always be a partner in making them true. You will win his eternal love and he too will start sacrificing his evenings with friends just to be with you.

You may choose to sponsor a trip to his beauty salon as these days men too are into grooming. Or for a change you may book the hotel tickets when both of you are going for the next vacation. He will certainly appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

In today’s world upgrading yourself at every step is very important. Your man might need to do that certification for that next promotion, or that leadership MBA to move to a strategic role from a functional role. Support him in his endeavors and plan the family budget accordingly.

 After all whatever he is doing is for you and the children and possibly his parents if they are still alive.

My Thoughts and Recommendation

There is an age old saying, ‘’a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’’ That saying pretty much holds good even today. So even if you are a working woman and you have a full-time maid or cook, make some efforts to make the Sunday lunch or dinner for your husband and kids. They would love it.

Along with giving thoughtful gifts, spend some time with them during the weekends and holidays. On the weekends you might have to sit for a few hours to complete that presentation for Monday morning, or need to do the software testing for your project etc. but ensure that your work does not eat up your family time completely.

Spend time with your children and check their homework etc. For a husband nothing is more attractive to see his wife turning into the best mother for their kids. In short create a happy life as a happy family and bind your eternal love for each other bit by bit, minute by minute.

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