January 1, 2020

Looking for Best Gifts for Girls? 

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

Don't you ever feel that purchasing a meaningful gift for someone you really care about is much harder than picking out something for a person you barely know?

If you are emotionally connected to an individual, you will definitely feel the urge to explore a billion option before making a final decision in order to present the best possible item.

The process of choosing the perfect gift can become even more difficult if the gift receiver is a girl.

If you do not want to end up buying something boring and casual at the last minute, you should conduct thorough research and explore all the different options.

Nowadays, you can send online gifts and prevent the hassles of visiting thousands of gift shops. 

Best Gifts For Girls

To prevent you from the painful process of exploring all gift categories, we have compiled a detailed list of meaningful gift items that fit the needs of modern users. Check out the following product categories to find the best gift for girl that can bring a bright smile on your favorite girl's face.

Top 25 Best Gifts For Girls in India (2020) 

Although my favorite among all is ​Jewellery but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

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1. Jewellery

Gifting someone a beautiful piece of Jewellery is an excellent way of conveying your love and sentiments.

It allows you to showcase how well you know the tastes and preferences of that person.

You can choose a design that complements the personality of the gift receiver and even get the product engraved or customized as per your requirements.

Jewellery is an extremely practical gifting option for girls who enjoy collecting different accessories to match their outfits.

This gesture will not only sparkle up their Jewellery collection but also make them feel loved every time they choose to wear it.

Most of the modern designs come with flexible sizing options, you can choose the right design without worrying about whether it will fit the gift receiver or not.

Another great advantage of choosing jewellery as a gifting option is that it never loses its value.

It will always remind the gift receiver how much you value them in your life.

To bring a bright smile on their face, you can choose from the following jewellery categories:

  • Pendant
  • Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Earrings
  • Tiara.
  • Anklet

2. Chocolates

Nothing brings a better smile on a girl’s face than a box of her favorite chocolates.

The sweet flavor and aroma of chocolates instantly trigger happiness and enhances the overall mood of the gift receiver.

Regardless of whether you are going to attend a birthday celebration or a romantic date, you can always pick up a box of chocolates as a gift. 

Nowadays, chocolate boxes have become a classic symbol of love and passion even though they are good for heart-health as well.

You can buy the classic milk chocolates that have a buttery texture or choose the ones with special additions of fruits, nuts, and wafers.

If you are looking for a gift for someone special who is really close to your heart, you can even choose to purchase chocolate boxes as an add-on gift along with some other gift.

This will make your present even more personalized and thoughtful.

If you are still confused regarding the type of chocolate you should purchase, then check-out the following list or visit the sites mentioned in this article:

  • White chocolate
  • Milk chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Bittersweet chocolate
  • Caramel-filled chocolates
  • Wine chocolates
  • Ruby chocolate

3. Kindle

If you want to purchase a meaningful gift for someone who loves to read or needs a cool travel buddy, then you should give Kindle a thought.

Kindle is an amazing gift for people who prefer the company of books all the time.

It is a classic and elegant gift that has no age boundaries.

You can also give it to someone to encourage them to develop a healthy habit of reading and exploring the world of literature.

The best part about the Kindle is that it has something for everybody. 

The vast collection of e-books available on Kindle can suit the needs of all kinds of readers and bring an instant smile to their faces.

Every time the gift receiver explores a new and interesting story or learns something new and chilling, she will think about you and thank you whole-heartedly for such an amazing gift.

4. Makeup Kit

Makeup kits are the ultimate tool kits for girls, without which their daily routine cannot be completed.

If you choose to buy a makeup kit for a girl, you will choose it as the best gift for her.

By restocking a girl’s makeup stash, you definitely stand a chance to win her heart too

This is the perfect gift to help your female friend, maintain her picture-perfect look.

Nowadays, makeup kits come with handy pouches and handbags which make them even more appealing to girls.

Depending on whether the person is a minimalistic makeup-user or a glam diva, you can choose from a variety of options available online.

From mini lipstick collection to all-in-one kits, you can choose any kit that fulfills your purpose and fits your budget.

5. Handbag

Purchasing a trendy and designer handbag for a girl is always a best gift ideas. This is one of the handiest and practical gifts that you can give to someone.

Most women consider handbags much more important than all their accessories and clothing items. These features makes it the best gifts for women.

When it comes to handbags, there is one for every style and budget. You can go for chic and trendy designs or opt for some classic ones as well.

However, you should not make any compromises on the quality of the leather.

The texture and finishing of the leather makes a lot of difference in the overall quality of the bag.

If you do not want your gift to wear out in a couple of months, invest in a quality leather handbag only.

Some of the best handbag options include:

  • Tote Bag
  • Hobo Bag
  • Duffle Bag
  • Clutch Bag
  • Satchel Bag
  • Baguette Bag
  • Messenger Bag

6. Perfume

Perfumes are a mark of female identity and give the final touch to a woman’s style.

If you are looking for a best gift for fiance female that is extremely classy and conveys how well you know the person, then you should consider purchasing perfume gift sets.

For women, perfumes are not just about the scent. The fragrance should match with their vibe and complement their personality.

If you already know the favorite scent of the person, your shopping experience will be absolute bliss.

For those who do not have much idea about their friend’s taste, there is a massive collection of elegant and seductive fragrances available in the market.

A good strategy to select the right perfume type is to study its ingredients and identify its base scent.

Once you have done that, you can then choose a particular fragrance depending upon whether you want to purchase a full bottle or a simple roll-on.

7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are meant to make an individual’s life easier and more comfortable

If the person you are looking for a gift for a working girl who remains busy all the time then virtual digital assistant could prove to be a best gift ideas.

It is actually a computer program that assists the user by giving answers to questions asked and could also perform some basic tasks.

By gifting this to your friend, you can help them reduce their workload and manage important tasks by taking on the mundane ones.

Since they are extremely easy to use, there is no essential age restriction for this gift category.

It has gained popularity in recent years and now a variety of options are available including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Bixby, and Microsoft Cortana.

A virtual assistant is a luxurious gifting option and can suit every individual's needs. You can choose the right virtual assistant configuration as per your budget.

8. Sunglasses

For those who are tired of exploring the usual feminine gift items and want to purchase something unpredictable, sunglasses are a good way to go.

A pair of premium quality sunglasses with a designer label will save you from going from the mess of shopping anxiety and will make your girl happy at the same time.

This luxury item has become one of the essentials for girls these days to add a finishing touch to their attire while protecting their eyes from harmful UV rays.

The best part about designer sunglasses is that the person can rock them throughout the year, especially in the summer season.

All you need to do is choose the right shape which goes with the personality of the gift receiver.

Black, brown and tortoiseshell colored sunglasses look stunning on most women.If you are still confused, you can pick out an option from the following categories:

  • Aviator
  • Butterfly
  • Cat-eye
  • Clubmaster
  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  • Round
  • Shield
  • Square

9. Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are a classic representation of passion and care

They are an excellent gifting option if you want to establish a strong bond with the gift receiver and want to buy something that will remind them of you every day.

Coffee mugs relieve the pressure of finding something personal yet elegant. 

Regardless of whether the gift receiver is a morning person fond of healthy beverages or a night owl surviving on coffee, your gift can be put to good use.

Nowadays, coffee mugs come with a lot of customization options

You can choose to get a personalized message or a beautiful picture printed on the outer surface of the mug to make it more personalized and special. 

Most girls appreciate such coffee mugs more than photo-frames and snuggly cushions as they have a practical aspect as well.

10. Teddy

No matter how grown-up a girl is, she can never say no to a teddy.

This is one of the most flexible gifting option that anyone can purchase without worrying about the fact whether the person will like it or not.

Regardless of the color and size of the teddy, it is always a show-stealer.

Teddy bear and other stuffed toy is an excellent gift option if you are looking for a gift for someone special.

For most women, teddies are much more suitable gifts than decorative items and bedside snuggle buddies. They appreciate such caring gifts and never get tired of collecting them.

11. Photo Frame

Photo Frames are the best means to evoke memories and cherish special moments.​

If you want to gift something meaningful and personalized to a girl without wasting your time and efforts in several shopping sessions, you can consider getting her a photo frame.

It is an elegant way of making someone feel special and worthy of minimal investment.

To create a long-lasting impression, you can choose to make a collage of the valuable memories you share with the person and seal them forever in an attractive photo frame.

This way, your gift will not only become a cute addition to the room of the gift receiver but also serve as a memory bomb every time your girl looks at it.

If you want to gift something practical, you can opt for frames that come with replaceable pictures.

This way, the gift receiver can keep reusing the same frame for storing different memories and experiences.

12. Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes are one of the best gift for ladies as they are easy-to-find and do not need to be customized.

They are highly appreciated by girls who like to keep their accessories safe, clean, and organized all the time.

Nowadays, multi-layered jewelry boxes embossed with classy floral decorations are available online.

The compartment-wise division of the different storage drawers of such multi-layered pieces.

It makes it easier for the ladies to sort out their never-ending accessories and keep a track of their favorite jewelry.

Some jewelry boxes come with detachable stud boards for added ease of the users. 

While purchasing such items, you should look for options that are lightweight and portable in nature.

13. Bracelet

There is no denying that any piece of jewellery can make a girl happy, but when it comes to bracelets, girls cannot resist the temptation at any cost.

For most women, bracelets offer a unique blend of comfort and beauty.

The primary reason why all women love bracelets more than any other jewellery item is that bracelets offer a great deal of flexibility.

They can be mixed and matched with both ethnic and western wear.

By gifting a trendy bracelet to a girl, you can help her keep up with the fashion trends and style her dresses in a better way.

There are a lot of varieties available in this category. If you are unsure of the wrist size of the person, it is better to opt for beaded ones that fit everybody.

Don’t forget to check-out the following bracelet types when you go shopping:

  • Bangle Bracelet
  • Chain Bracelet
  • Tennis Bracelet
  • Designer Bracelet
  • Charm Bracelet
  • Beaded Bracelet
  • Pearl Bracelet

14. Laptop

Laptops are one of the most extensively used electronic devices by teenagers and adults alike.

For those who want to make a big gesture and have a good knowledge of the latest technologies in laptop, there is no better gifting option than a laptop with advanced configuration.

If the gift receiver is tech-savvy, then the latest laptop of advanced configuration is certainly the best gift for women.

All you need to do is to ensure that you are making a good investment and using your money for the right purpose.

Depending upon the age and everyday requirements of the person for whom you are buying, you can choose to purchase a notebook or a convertible.

You also need to take into account the display, resolution, RAM, and processing power of the laptop before making a final decision.

15. Mobile phone

Smartphones have become a basic necessity these days and if your girl does not have one, then it is the optimal gifting option for you.

Gifting someone a mobile phone is a very considerate gesture and shows how much you care about their needs.

It conveys that you want to stay connected to them always and keep in touch no matter where you go.

While purchasing mobile phones, it is essential to go through its specifications and focus on the features that really matter.

Apart from having a robust and sleek design, it should also have good camera features and battery life.

There are plenty of reliable smartphone brands that you can explore and choose a model that fits your budget.

It is essential to keep in mind the requirements of the gift receiver while purchasing the best gift for women.

16. Fitness Band

If your friend is a fitness freak and likes to monitor health status all the time, a fitness band is just what you need.

It is an excellent motivational gift for those who are working hard to step up their game and push their limits to achieve physical fitness.

By gifting someone a fitness band, you can convey the message that you care deeply about their health and want to help them meet their fitness goals.

These devices monitor the exact distance traveled and calories burned of the user and create holistic reports of their daily activities.

A primary reason why a lot of people choose a fitness band as a gifting option these days is its multi-functional nature.

These devices can be connected to smartphones and be used for checking calendar notifications, texts and call logs without any hassles.

17. Notebook or Diary

If your friend is a bit dreamy, artistic, and enjoys writing, she will definitely appreciate a stylish notebook more than any other expensive gift item.

It is an extremely personalized gift and conveys how deeply you know the person.

Such gifts are also excellent for those who like to stay organized and keep track of their daily schedules and tasks.

A stylish diary can act as a medium for anyone to record their private thoughts and create a record of their personal dreams and aspirations.

It is often said that diaries are the best secret-keepers. In many cases, they act as a medium to unleash the creative potential of an individual.

By gifting a handy diary to someone, you can provide them an opportunity to dream, explore and write down an infinite number of things.

18. Backpack

Backpacks are an extremely handy and worthy gifting option. Due to these features backpacks are the best gifts for girls.

If you are planning to buy a practical gift item for a school-going girl or a teenager, there is nothing that can beat a backpack having attractive designs.

Girls often use casual backpacks to carry their textbooks, snacks, or laptop.

They are widely popular among teenagers because they look extremely cool and allow them to handle their important stuff.

Apart from the functionality and practicality of backpacks, another excellent reason to choose them as a gifting option is that they bring a big smile on the faces of teenagers.

Nowadays, backpacks are available in vibrant colors and designs to suit the varying personality of every kid.

If you are familiar with the gift receiver's favorite fictional series hero or cartoon character, you can also choose backpacks that come with such printed references.

19. Glowing fairy lights

An excellent choice of gift for a college or school going girl can be fairy lights for room decor.​

It is best gift ideas for girls which can be put to good use.

By gifting these lights to someone, you can help them create a lovely ambiance in their home without spending money on expensive antiques and decorative items.

These lights can be used for creating really beautiful draperies around canopy beds or for creating a twinkling roof inside the room.

Most girls love fairy lights not only because they look beautiful and sparkle up their room, but also because they help them stay motivated and inspired.

They come in a variety of styles, so you should choose the product according to the taste of the gift receiver.

20. Nail Art/Manicure Kit

For fashion enthusiasts, there is no better gift than a handy nail art kit.

It is one of the leading cosmetic trends going on these days and all girls absolutely love it.

By gifting someone a nail art kit, you will provide them a chance to unleash their absolute creativity and explore new fashion trends.

This unique kit will allow the user to paint, decorate, and embellish their nails without spending thousands of bucks in expensive salons and beauty centers.

This gift will also enable the user to trim and polish her nails to compliment her attire and enhance her beauty.

There are a number of fancy nail art kits available in the market with glittery embellishments and nail stamping tools.

21. Vanity Mirror

A personalized vanity mirror is the sole dream of every glamorous girl who spends hours trying to perfect her contouring and blending.

It is the ideal gift for someone who likes to keep their makeup on point and follows a dedicated beauty regime every day.

If you gift a vanity mirror to someone, it will not only beautify their dressing area, but also make it possible to declutter their makeup items and organize them as per their needs.

It is an excellent gift for treating a girl like a queen and making her feel special.

You choose to opt for classic vanity mirrors or go for the new adjustable ones that can be carried around as per the requirements of the users.

22. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Cameras are the latest obsession in the world of social media.

It is an extremely fun gift for a person who likes to live-in-the-moment and captures every important memory.

Polaroid cameras are used to create instant prints and can be carried around with ease.

Despite the technological advancement of smartphones and handy digital cameras, polaroid cameras still remain a classy option to create instant memories.

Although digital images have quality colors and are instantly charming, they can never compare to the feel of a fresh physical print.

Nowadays, polaroid cameras are available with all the modern features of smartphones, including Bluetooth and built-in batteries.

This makes them an excellent gift for people who are social media fans.

Gift this amazing device to someone who is a photography enthusiast and loves to click pictures all the time.

23. Ethnic Wear dresses

Ethnic wear is the best gifts for girls who love vibrant prints and fabrics.

If you are planning to purchase a gift for someone who believes in dressing elegantly and in a stylish manner, then ethnic wear is exactly what you should explore.

From suits and sarees to lehengas and anarkalis, there are a lot of options available in this category.

Apart from these classic options, you can also choose to mix it up with some Indo-western outfits and create a personalized gift.

The best part about ethnic wear is that it allows the users to stay in their comfort zone while looking stylish and glamorous.

Such clothes are easy-to-carry and do not create many hassles. Buy a classic Anarkali suit for your girl if you want her to look gorgeous and fabulous.

24. Speaker

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for someone who likes to throw a lot of fun parties and host events, then purchasing high-quality speakers can be a solution to all your gift shopping troubles.

Speakers are an extremely durable and stable gifting item.

They are also suitable for people who are fond of music and like to create an enchanting ambiance in their homes.

By choosing speakers as a gifting option, you can make any girl happy.

Although floor-standing and bookshelf speakers have their own advantages, it is always better to go for portable speakers due to their inherent advantages.

The only thing you need to ensure while purchasing speakers is its good sound quality.

To make the gift even more special, choose the speakers which come with an amplifier to fine-tune the audio quality.

25. Western Wear

Western wear is always the best gifts for girls who like to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

In this clothing category, there is a new color palette and style trend every season.

It allows girls all over the world to keep their fashion game on and style it up as per their mood.

Nowadays, most working girls prefer to wear western clothes for everyday purposes as they are easy-to-carry and never go out of style.

They get to explore a lot of options and mix-and-match their outfits as per the occasion. 

You can choose to purchase something casual that can be worn every day or opt for an elegant dress that makes them feel special.

While purchasing such items, it is crucial to keep in mind the taste of the gift receiver and choose an item that can accentuate their body shape and make them feel comfortable.

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