In this highly automated world, we have become so lazy that even switching on the TV and changing channels has become quite strenuous.

Entertainment mediums, in the modern days, compete to play our favorite shows. In this fast-paced world, we don’t have enough time to peek into every channel to know what it is streaming.

So this leads to the question, “Do you want to turn your traditional TV into a smart one?” If your answer is ‘yes,’ then Google Chromecast and Fire TV stick are the best options to go for.

Thanks to the technological development that has gifted us TV sticks and Chromecast, we have a plethora of options at our fingertips.

Fire TV Stick vs Google Chromecast

Are you feeling quite confused as to what they are?

Well, both are essential devices that, upon plugging in, turn your TV into a smart television. Initially, the core function of such devices was to provide smart features to your traditional or average TVs.

However, with the introduction of OK Google, Alexa, Siri, Google Home, and Amazon Echo, these devices have been upgraded, providing functions that a smart owner would want to have.

If you are looking for genuinely cheap and best streaming sticks, you will come across the options of Fire TV stick of Amazon and Google Chromecast. Both fulfill the same task of playing your favorite TV shows, movies, and games but in different ways.

Before you move ahead to buy the best one for your television, you need to compare their features, services, and above all, which one fits your budget.

Points of Differences Between Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast

Starting from the Amazon powered Fire TV stick: It is a rectangular-shaped device with a Bluetooth handset that can install approximately hundreds of applications in its internal memory. On the other hand, Chromecast is a service-oriented device which does not require a remote-control to access it. 

Check out the points given below to know the differences between the two:

User Interface

A good interface allows the user to stay tuned with their favorite shows. Amazon, in recent years, has worked on the development of the Fire operating system, which includes the option of the ‘Recent’ tab on the home screen.

This allows you to access your recent apps easily, and you can click on the one you want to continue watching.

Chromecast, on the other hand, is just a channel medium of operating a video. Technically, it doesn’t have any interface. The entire function takes place through the connected device, which could be a PC, laptop, mobile phone, etc.


Fire TV sticks possess a control pad for navigating, voice search buttons, and playback buttons, which removes the most hectic task of typing through the remote.

One of the best parts of Google Chromecast is that you can easily control it from your comfort zone via a mobile phone or laptop, whichever it is paired with. Moreover, you can easily skip forward and change the show through your mobile phone.

Search Factor

In the Fire TV stick, there is a distinct search tab wherein you can type the search content or switch on the voice button to speak out your request. Some modifications are still left in the universal search option.

Chromecast, as it is linked with the television, allows you to open several apps and options through your phone. Moreover, it comes with the companion of Google Home that makes the voice search option more customizable.

Quality and Performance

Fire TV sticks are composed of quad-core chips that allow files to load faster, thereby consuming less bandwidth. In Chromecast, apps get automatically updated and optimized, which leads to fewer crashes and bugs.

Where video quality is concerned, both devices can produce an output of 1080 pixels. The quality factor in both streaming devices does not differ. Both are comprised of dual-band Wireless connectivity, which ensures that zero issues of networking speed.

Which One to Buy - Google Chromecast 3 vs Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k

Any Additional Features

Numerous gaming options are available and inbuilt in Fire TV stick. However, you may fail to enjoy your favorite game due to the screen size.

You can easily play your desired games through the Chromecast on a big screen. Chromecast is the mirrors your mobile screen onto your TV. Hence, you can enjoy all types of apps, including lifestyle, gaming, news, academics, etc.

Basic Apps and Content

If you love watching Amazon videos, you need to opt for the Fire TV stick.

One of the limiting factors of Chromecast is that it does not play Amazon powered videos. However, there are tons of applications like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Hotstar, and many more that you can look for.

Pros and Cons of Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast

Fire TV Stick vs Google Chromecast

Amazon Fire TV stick is composed of easy setup options, voice search features, etc. which make it the perfect competitor for Google Chromecast. Modern TV sticks are designed to monitor your security cameras, as well.

Alexa remote is a unique aspect that allows the elders of your home to operate the device easily. No matter how technologically advanced we are, to operate such devices, we want a remote control in our hands.

Hence, the lure of this feature offered by the Amazon Fire TV stick is undeniable. Google Chromecast allows easy tab casting options that enable you to use the television screen as a mobile screen or a laptop screen. 

You can seamlessly control apps, videos, and games from the casted device. There is no optional remote with the Google Chromecast, and all functions are performed by the person who holds the phone.

Both streaming devices provide different advantages. Hence, consider your requirements and analyze the pros and cons closely. A device’s functionality should be specifically considered. For instance, if you want to control through your voice and handset, Fire TV Stick would be a preferred option.

Both devices offer a bunch of features, content, and apps that promise to transform your home into a smart home. Since both devices have good points and limiting factors, it entirely depends upon you which device you choose for your home.

Customize your home into a smart home while including the integrating systems.

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