List of Best DTH in India (Updated 2020) – Reviews & Comparison

Looking for the Best DTH in India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

We are living in an era where television and cable networks have undergone a massive evolution.

Today, there are numerous service providers offering DTH connections to enhance the overall television viewership and experience.

Many a times, you may wonder why you need these DTH connections.

This makes it important for you to understand that DTH services have upgraded the digital picture quality, offer excellent sound, freedom, and other additional features which enable you to  get a refined television experience.

Best DTH

Thinking about getting a DTH connection isn’t a big deal; however, choosing the right network will go a long way in benefiting you. Mentioned below are some factors you need to consider while looking for a new DTH connection:

  • Packages:  You must check out the various plans and packages of all DTH service provider before finalizing any particular service provider.
  • HD quality is a must: As a customer, you must never compromise on the picture and sound quality and go with the operator who offers HDMI connection.
  • Channel Selection: You must go through the various channels offered by each operator and make your decision based on your preference.

Having a DTH service at home gives you the freedom to choose a specific number of channels, type of package, only pay for what you watch, and even have the option to devise your own plan as per your liking , budget and preference.

If you’re looking for a suitable and excellent DTH connection that offers flexible recharge options and gives maximum value for money, then we’ve got you covered with the best DTH connections available in India.

We Highly recommend you to read the DTH Connection Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest DTH connections technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 6 DTH Connections in India (2020) 

Although my favorite among all is Tata Sky but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

(Slide the table left ? to check more details)


Model Name

Pack Starts at

Extra Features

Batteries included

Check Price

Tata Sky HD Set Top Box

Tata Sky

(Editor's Choice)

Rs 46/ month

HD(1080P) excellent picture quality


Dish TV HD with 1 Month Super Family HD Pack

Dish TV

(Reasonable Price)

Rs 101/ month

50 HD Channels, 5.1 Surround Sound, Power to select SD packs, 1080i Picture Quality


Airtel Digital TV HD Set Top Box With 1 Month Hd Pack

Airtel Digital TV


Rs 315/ month

Provides 10 trendy and few basic radio channels, Pause and resume Live TV option


Videocon D2H HD Digital Set Top Box with 1 Month Gold Pack

Rs 300/ month

Rewind/Forward (up to 64x), Pause Live TV, Mark- Skip- Watch


Sun Direct DTH

Rs 130/ month

MPEG 4 technology, multi-audio option


reliance digital tv

Rs 250/ month

High-end technology of MPEG-4, No connectivity issues in the bad weather



1. Tata Sky

Tata Sky is one of the prime direct broadcast satellite television providers in India.

They are the pioneers in this field and can be accredited with the introduction of  customized packages, enabling customers to choose various channels according to their tastes and preferences.

Tata Sky presently provides a total of 601 channels, 495 SD channels, and 99 HD channels along with various other active services and the Best dth in india

It was the first brand in this industry to introduce features like record, play, pause and rewind Live TV.

The HD set-top box covers various channels such as actv English, actv games, actv sports, actv kids, actv learning, actv darshan, actv cooking, and actv stories.

All these services are informative and enjoyable and appropriate for varying age groups.

Tata Sky has launched a number of enticing offers and packages that keep the interested customers rolling in.

Their customer service is appreciated for its advanced technology and efficient 24*7 call centers that run in 14 languages providing multilingual customer service all over India.

You can select suitable options ranging from a variety of Curated Packs, Regional Packs, Add-On Packs, Tata Sky Services, and Specials to create an excellent viewing experience suited as per your preferences.

You can also go in for a tailor-made plan by selecting your favorite channels and only pay for what you watch.

This will enable you to subscribe to only those channels that you require or watch on a regular basis.

You can consider various packages including Best DTH for chennai, Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad etc, or go in for a power packed list comprising of all your favourite channels within a set budget. 

If you are living in tamilnadu then you will surely get the bestest of service. I will recommend this one to be best dth in tamilnadu and surrounding regions.

  • Telugu Lite Pack: Rs 46.00/month
  • Malayalam Basic Pack: Rs 90.97/month
  • Hindi Smart Pack: Rs 96.00/month
  • Kannada Smart Pack: Rs 96.00/month
  • Family Kids Pack: Rs 213.28/month
  • Bengali Regional Mini Pack: Rs 42.71/monthBengali Regional Mini Pack: Rs 42.71/month
  • Marathi Regional Pack: Rs 53.33/month
  • Bengali Hindi Basic HD Pack: Rs 308.57/month
  • Dhamaka Pack: Rs 199/month
  • My Pack: Rs 99/month


  • Model: tatasky-hd-set-top-box-roi
  • Weight: 9.07 g
  • Product Proportions: 15 x 10.9 x 0.5 cm
  • Extra Features: HD(1080P) excellent picture quality
  • Batteries; No


  • Excellent video and audio quality
  • 24 – hour signal reception
  • Best customer support
  • Get renewal notifications and new channel additions
  • Easy mode of payment and mobile SMS
  • Expensive plans & packages
  • No reception on heavy rainy days
  • Fewer channels in packs


Dish TV, also known as DishTV India is a company offering DTH television services in India.

As the country’s most trusted DTH service brand, it is in huge demand owing to the various unique features and affordable package ranges offered by it.

Prior to finalizing a specific service, do check all the offers on various packages so as to make the best selection.

You can customize a package comprising of your favourite channels which falls within your budget. Also, you don’t have to pay for those channels you don’t watch.

Dish TV offers a wide range of packages along with Add-on packs that include family entertainment, sports entertainment, English entertainment, regional entertainment, Hindi entertainment, Hindi movies, infotainment, kids, news, lifestyle and music, devotional and HD add-on.

If you have a low budget, then you can go in for affordable channels in your base price and then add channels under various entertainment options according to your interest or preference.

I will also recommend this to be best dth in chennai, it has amazing service in that region

  • Joy Pack: Rs 101/month
  • Family Sports Pack: Rs 266/month
  • Jumbo Family Pack: Rs 235/month
  • Bharat Pack: Rs 101/month
  • World - South Pack: Rs 325/month
  • All Sports Pack: Rs 330/month
  • Maxi Sports Pack: Rs 351/month


  • Model: Dish HD+
  • Weight: 1.35 Kg
  • Product Proportions: 15 x 8 x 5 cm
  • Extra Features: 50 HD Channels, 5.1 Surround Sound, Power to select SD packs, 1080i Picture Quality
  • Batteries: No 


  • Stunning picture and sound quality
  • Unlimited recording through pen drive
  • No extra HD access rates
  • Well crafted interface
  • Add/remove channels without any inconvenience
  • No signals during rainy and cloudy days
  • Random troubleshooting problems

3. Airtel Digital TV

Airtel Digital TV is a DTH service provider that is owned and operated by Bharti Airtel.

It is one of the most prominent DTH connections with almost 12.8 million customers growing at a rapid pace.​

This makes it one of the leading DTH service providers in India offering unique and amazing packages.

Long gone are the days when you’d get your door to find out who’s visiting and miss your favorite scene.

With Airtel Digital TV,you can simply pause the Live TV and resume without missing any of the action.

They are known to introduce offers every now and then for their valued customers. So, make sure to stay updated on the latest packages and offers that might be beneficial for you.

All the packs are designed keeping the needs and preferences of the customers in mind.

Moreover, if there are any changes in prices or services they make sure to notify the customers beforehand.

Especially for bangalor, for me this one is surely the best dth in bangalore and in other parts of India as well.

The customer care services are good and prompt  when it comes to resolving any sort of issues.

  • Value Prime Kids Pack: Rs 315/month
  • My Sports Pack: Rs 393/month
  • New Mega - South Pack: Rs 477/month
  • My Sports HD Pack: Rs 493/month
  • My Family Pack: Rs 333/month
  • My Plan Pack: Rs 99/month


  • Model: Airtel HD
  • Weight: 22 Kg
  • Bluetooth Technology: No
  • Batteries: No


  • A peculiar feature of universal remote system
  • A slim and stylish outlook of Digital TV STB
  • Provides 10 trendy and few basic radio channels
  • No connection problems during bad weather
  • Pause and resume Live TV
  • Quite pricey
  • Hard drive is easily filled up
  • DVR heats up on using


Videocon D2H is a DTH connection that is part of Dish TV India Ltd offering top-notch quality services and packages to its customers in India.

It is one of the reputed DTH connection service providers with almost 29 million users.

They also provide the broadest channel package options catering to different customer demographics all over the country.

With Videocon D2H, you can easily set up a time-based recording, pause and rewind live broadcasts whenever you like.

You can get your package recharged through online and offline modes as per your convenience. Not only this, but they also offer d2h smart remote for an enhanced experience.

As there are numerous options for everyone’s entertainment, make sure to go through their packages and plans thoroughly and then select the one that matches your requirements and suits your budget without burning a hole in your pocket.

Also, don’t forget to check out the regional packages offered by them for your particular region.

If you are looking for best dth in hyderabad, kerala, mumbai, and delhi, then this one should be your number one priority. 

This does not mean it does not have good service in other areas, it is still one of the most prominent in DTH service space.

  • Super Gold Pack: Rs 300/month
  • Gold Maxi Pack: Rs 331/month
  • New Diamond Pack: Rs 476/month
  • New South Gold Sports Pack: Rs 401/month
  • Gold Kids Pack: Rs 360/month
  • South Silver Pack: Rs 246/ month


  • Model:  videocon-HD-set-top-box-ROI
  • Weight: 22 Kg
  • Product Proportions;65 x 65 x 65 cm
  • Extra Features; Rewind/Forward (up to 64x), Pause Live TV, Mark- Skip- Watch
  • Batteries: No


  • Excellent picture and sound quality
  • Records on standby mode
  • Option to fast forward and rewind up to 32x
  • Records two channels at a time
  • DVR heats up quickly
  • Cannot understand several features without a manual
  • Channels change when going through the program guide
  • Customer service

5. Sun Direct

Sun Direct is a DTH connection services provider in India. Earlier, they offered a satellite dish and set-top box for a free and basic monthly plan as low as Rs 75/month (approximately).

Presently, the basic monthly plan costs Rs 159/month.

Sun Direct is gaining widespread popularity all across India due to the most economically priced packages offered by it in DTH services.

Within a few years, it has become one of the most prominent DTH connection service providers with 3 million users.

As they offer an affordable range of packages, you can easily find a suitable one with your favorite channels.

Do check out their package range thoroughly and then pick the one that suits your budget and requirements.

  • NCF1 Pack: Rs 130/month
  • ROI DPO Pack: Rs 194/month
  • ROI DPO Pack2: Rs 244/month
  • ROI DPO Pack3: Rs 421/month
  • HD ROI DPO Pack1: Rs 322/month
  • HD ROI DPO Pack2: Rs 422/month


  • Model: s32102
  • Batteries; No


  • MPEG 4 technology
  • Multi Audio option
  • Flawless audio and picture quality even for SD
  • Additional charges for more regional channels
  • Customer Care


Next and the last on our list of the best DTH connections in India is Reliance Digital TV. Reliance needs no special introduction as it is the top-notch brand in the country.

After facilitating customers with JIO network and mobiles, this brand has now entered the world of digital TV and is all set to give stiff competition to all other existing brands.

However, it is not only the brand name that draws our attention towards this DTH connection but the plethora of valuable features that simply make us fall in love with this service provider.

The picture quality being offered is unarguably amazing. It is crystal clear with MPEG 4 technology.

Now, you can also get rid of all your cable woes such as service breakdown or channels shifting. Select from their flexible packages with ease and enjoy entertainment at its best.

  • Bronze Pack: Rs 270/month
  • Bronze Pack: Rs 270/month
  • Silver Pack: Rs 300/month
  • Silver Sports Pack: Rs 350/month
  • Bronze Sports Pack: Rs 280/month
  • Platinum Pack: Rs 430/month
  • Max HD Pack: Rs 550/month
reliance digital tv


  • Offers exclusive cinema channels
  • Enables you to lock a channel
  • Allows you to set up the personal program guide of channels
  • Shows on-screen alert pop-up message for reminders
  • High-end technology of MPEG-4
  • Superb picture quality along with audio quality
  • Availability of all channels at minimal base packs
  • No connectivity issues even during bad weather
  • STB’s get overheated & slow channel navigation
  • Customer service
  • Incorrect package activations

Buyer's Guide - DTH Connections Buying Guide in India

If you have decided to get a DTH connection, it is essential for you to consider  various factors before finalizing any network. Every brand has its pros and cons. However, the decision to select a particular service will solely depend on you.

These set top boxes offer much more than your imagination and give you a taste of the new entertainment world.

Mentioned below are a few pointers that you must take into account while making the selection.

Types Of Set Top Box

 The type of set top box plays a crucial role in deciding which DTH connection to buy. In our comprehensive research we found The Best DTH for chennai, Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad,Bangalore etc. There are these types of set boxes available with service providers:

Plans & Packages

Different companies provide different packages to their customers. Due to high competition in this industry, most companies devise unique and suitable packages to stay ahead of their competitors. Our article helps you to find Best DTH in Bangalore, Tamil Nadu etc. 

This is beneficial for the users as they get various options to choose from. However, make sure to thoroughly check all the packages before hopping on to the final choice.

Channel selection

This may seem like an easy task, yet most individuals are overwhelmed by the various choices offered by these companies. Budget plays an important role at this point. Some channels can be more expensive than others; so make sure you opt for what you really want to watch.

HD channels

Nowadays, most companies offer HD channels as almost every TV set possesses HD picture quality feature.

Do check the HD options as minor differences in picture quality may be prevalent. A DTH connection and set top box must support HDMI connection in addition to others so that the viewers can enjoy watching movies in the highest quality.

Look for the set top box with multiple HDMI ports so as to enjoy phenomenal picture quality.

Customer Care Service

Having a good 24/7 customer care service that resolves your queries and issues on time is highly appreciated. Not all companies offer great customer care services and are unable to deal and connect with their customers professionally.

Thus, it is important for you to check the customer care services offered by various companies beforehand in order to avoid unnecessary problems after making your purchase.

Picture & Sound Quality

As compared to the olden days, contemporary DTH networks have surpassed the local cable connections in terms of picture and sound quality. This feature is one of the prime factors that must influence your final decision of buying a specific DTH connection.

Tata sky is known to offer amazing graphics and cinematography with 1080i resolution and sharper images in 16:9 aspect ratio.

Check the Viewing Platform

DTH networks require a viewing platform to catch different channels to  impart an immaculate viewing experience to the customers.

A good DTH connection must possess back-up mechanisms and be able to catch a large number of channels without any hindrance even in  extreme weather conditions Therefore, it is  advisable to buy a DTH connection with a large viewing platform to enjoy entertainment at its best. 

Must have user-friendly electronic program guide

An electronic guide helps viewers to navigate through the available channels and apps that the DTH connection has to offer.

These guides are in-built using different software and work differently.

Almost all DTH connections offer electronic program guides to facilitate the customers; however, you need to make sure that this guide is user-friendly in order to be able to navigate through the channels easily.

So, while buying a DTH connection you must check the nature of the electronic program guide and then make the final choice.

Look out for the warranty period

Generally, DTH connections offer a one year warranty for any new connection; however, this may vary from one DTH service provider to another. We suggest you to look for the warranty of a  DTH connection provider first and then take a step forward. Make sure that DTH service provider offers an annual maintenance contract for extended warranty.

Don’t miss the “Record” Feature

The best DTH connection and its set top box come with a feature of recording events and programs even in your absence.

So, when you are looking for a Best DTH in India, don’t miss out on this exceptional feature so you can enjoy your favorite serials or programs even if you’ve missed them at the time they were broadcast. In addition to this, what makes these set top boxes and DTH network phenomenal is their reminder feature.

Just set the reminder for your favorite programs and movies and they will automatically get recorded, giving you the option to watch it later. You can also  view the same movie or episode over and over again.

Disk space can’t be overlooked

Disk Space is yet another important feature to consider while buying a new DTH connection and set top box. It is the space required to store your recorded movies and serial episodes. The best set top boxes come with larger disk space giving you optimum storage.

Less disk space restricts you from storing more movies and episodes. Thus,  disk space shouldn’t  be overlooked. With better space, you can even record a series without having to worry about the storage capacity.

Remote Connection is an add-on

You might be thinking that a remote is a very common thing and all set top boxes feature the same. A remote control is an important add-on that comes with your package. Apart from this, it is important to check that your remote is incorporated with all the necessary features or not. 

  • High Definition (HD)
  • Standard Definition (SD)
  • 4K or Ultra HD

It is advisable to select the set top box based on your TV. For example, if you have a tube TV then SD set top box is the best option for you. If you have an LCD or LED then just go for a HD set top box. To enjoy 4K picture quality, one should opt for a 4K or ultra HD set top box.

Additional Apps

The best DTH connection and set top box isn’t merely about channels

and the recording feature. They must also offer other useful apps and services that can be used for entertainment and educational purposes. Some of these apps include those used to enhance children’s vocabulary and teach them how to count.

So, it is important to look for the additional apps feature while searching for the best DTH connection.

Go Wireless

The major function of a DTH service and set top box is streaming TV and movies but what if a service offers you much more than that?

Shocked? Don’t be, as I am not kidding.

This is the time when the Indian economy is striving to become cashless and technology is becoming wireless.

There are plenty of set top boxes and DTH connection networks in the market that include wireless or DLNA feature. Owing to this feature, you can easily connect your smartphones and other devices with your network and enjoy watching your favourite web series during your leisure time.


DTH connection has become an important part of everyday life. Gone are the days when basic set top boxes were enough to satiate all your entertainment needs.  With changing times, needs have changed as well and so have set top boxes.

A basic set top box and a common DTH connection is not good enough to fulfill the outgrowing requirements of today’s generation. This generation needs multiple options and that’s why these 6 set top boxes are here to meet the expectations of the customers.

Our list of options is compiled by using the top reviews and investing in them is really a good idea. Owning a set top box and getting a good DTH connection tends to reduce possibilities of disturbance. It also gives complete value for money.

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  1. Great article. This helps me in narrowing the choice down to 2 players namely Tata Sky and Dish TV.

    I’ll check on their website what would be the per month cost to me :).

    I’ve used airtel, was paying 702/month for HD pack and it seemed a little too costly. Videocon again, is just clunky. Slow GUI and the website is confusing.

  2. Hi,
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    I am using Airtel Digital TV and frustrated with the HD channels as most of the times it doesn’t work,and with the customer care as well.

    I won’t suggest Airtel to anybody, as having paid Rs. 500 every month, and keep calling the customer care every day makes your life miserable.

    Planning to switch over to Tata sky.


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  4. No doubt tata sky has good service but little upset with their decision with sony channels. As no of popular sony channels are missing with the package. Even giving good no of amount.


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