January 3, 2020

Are you tired of the wired headsets and need portability that can provide you comfort in every activity? Then you must head for a bluetooth headset which will aid in providing immense comfort and convenience to you.

It is the best companion on the move and offers freedom without any headphone cable and enables proper communication even if you are driving or working or busy in any undertaking.

It comes in a variety of different shape and size and before the selection of the model, you must be precise in terms of the requirement.

If you are a frequent traveler then the best in-ear headphones or Bluetooth headset with an ear hook will be the apt selection.

The Bluetooth headset is very handy when it comes to enjoying the music as it offers immense comfort and convenience. If you desire to listen to music then the over the ear Bluetooth headset is the best selection.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headsets in India

The best part of the Bluetooth headset is that it is wireless and portable. You can enjoy music and call at the comfort of any work. Wires are always clumsy and entangle each time it it is taken out of the pocket or bag.

The wireless headset with mic can provide immense convenience and does not allow the activity to be disturbed.

Various factors come into consideration while selecting the best Bluetooth headset in India​. The prominent features that can be seen are battery life, noise cancellation feature, sound quality, charging option, etc. The same can be referred to in the Buying guide

Battery Life

The battery life is an essential consideration because it is always advisable to select the headset that has good battery back up. When it comes to bigger over-the-ear headsets it comes with larger battery capacity, however, they are heavy in compassion to the in-ear headphones.

Going by the thumb rule, the choice for the headset should be done that can provide a battery life of 8 to 10 hours. Other models can power up to 15 hours. However, it entirely depends upon your taste and preference.

Quality of call

The selected headset must provide proper call quality in both ways. Hence, it is advisable to go with the headset that provides proper audibility and helps in transmitting voice to the other person on call.

Noise cancellation

Another salient feature is to notice whether the Bluetooth headset consists of the Noise cancellation technology. This is strictly important because taking a call in the traffic or a conference room pose to a mighty challenge and this can be averted only when the headset has the noise cancellation feature.

Such a feature helps to block the outside noise and gives a perfect communication. The noise cancellation feature in every headset varies and hence, the verification for the same must be done before selecting a headset.

We Highly recommend you to read the Bluetooth Headset in India Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest Bluetooth Headset technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs πŸ™‚

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headset in India (2020) 

Although my favorite among all is Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB650BT Wireless Headphones (Black) but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

(Slide the table left ​? to check more details)

1. Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB650BT Wireless Headphones (Black)

With excellent bass sound and cushioned earpads, this headset is a regal gift for the music
lovers. It provides a heart leaping sound quality with its Electro Bass Booster.

The headset structure is adjustable and hence, provides a perfect fit so that vibration can be

It is compatible with the Smartphone only and gives a 30 hours battery life. Even with low battery life, it continues to provide praiseworthy service.

The earpads are soft and lead to direct bass transmission. If not in use, the ear cups can be
packed easily. It helps you to make calls and listen to your music thus, you can consider it as one best bluetooth headphone in India. 


  • Establish connection automatically
  • Fast wireless connection
  • Quick charging option
  • The case can be charged using the lightning connector
  • High-quality audio and voice
  • Multiple charging from the case


  • Lightweight design
  • Usage – 24 hours
  • Noise cancellation
  • Speedy charging option
  • Too expensive

2. Boat Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Jazzy Blue)

Boat bluetooth headset will leave you mesmerized with its incredible performance. Leave the tension of hanging wires and switch to Boat Rockerz for effective connect and play.

Being crafted in such a manner it delivers non-stop performance for 8 hours. It provides a power coupled with vocal clarity and ensures the listening experience remains top-notch.

The  headset has compatibility with Most iOS and Android devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. with compatibility it ranks high in terms of comfortability to where the softness of the faux leather delivers the exact pressure and provides genuine sound.

It is one of the lightest and one of the best bluetooth headset in India designed to provide the maximum comfort and delightful experience.


  • Thumping bass for a pleasant experience
  • Compatible with most iOS and Android devices
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Stylish and sturdy in presence
  • A powerful battery backup
  • Premium packaging
  • Range of Bluetooth 25+ feet


  • Superior sound quality
  • Controls available on the headphone for a better experience
  • Excellent base quality
  • Perfect fit into the ears
  • Not superior for online gaming and calling

3. JBL T460BT Extra Bass Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Mic (Black)

Let your ear experience a unique sound with the help of JBL T460BT on-ear bluetooth headset with mic. It is lightweight, comfortable and compact thereby providing a regal experience.

If you desire to hear a serious bass then it is the best choice. It can provide a bass experience of a bigger size venue. Music, as well as call control, are present on the ear cup.

Say bye to the interruption of music due to battery drain. This headset delivers a mammoth performance of up to 11 hours on a single charge.

An impressive headset that can be used with any devices such as Smartphone, laptops, tablets, etc. You can easily manage the call with this headset and the black color is always an attraction.


  • Superior sound quality
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • Call and music button on the ear cup
  • 11 hours of uninterrupted performance on a single charge
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Stylish, compact and foldable


  • Excellent bass quality
  • Flexible and compact
  • Easy to pick call as buttons on the earcup
  • Bluetooth connectivity from anywhere
  • Tight on the ear
  • Not a perfect match for iPhone users.

4. Leaf Bass Wireless Headphones with Mic and 10 Hour Battery Life

If you are looking for something different and within a desired level of budget like best bluetooth headset under 2000 then Leaf Bass Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is the best headset to vouch for.​

With a battery life of 10 hours, it provides delightful music experience on a charge of 2.5 hours. It supports Bluetooth 4.1 and hence provides the best stereo capacity.

It contains an inline remote control and contains a microphone. To be devoid of tension and play/pause or change music tracks with ease. It can even accept and reject calls.

Being sweat proof it is best suited for workouts and jogging. The signal support is within 10m and can deliver an unmatchable performance to the ears.​




  • Incredible performance with a battery life of up to 10 hours
  • Supports Bluetooth v4.1 that ensures decent bass
  • Sweatproof in nature and therefore exercise-friendly
  • Can be used wireless and wired
  • 1-year warranty in case of manufacturing defects
  • Strong Bluetooth connectivity


  • Comfortable pair of cushions
  • Stylish and Comfortable
  • Awesome bass in the budget
  • Noise cancellation is effective
  • Foldable feature is missing

5. Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB650B​​T Wireless Headphones (Black)

Looking forward to purchasing headsets that look cool and add style to your personality then you should vouch for the Sony MDR-XB950BT.

It offers premium service such as make and take calls on the go with ease making it one of the best bluetooth headset for phone calls. 

Wireless freedom is more appealing when it comes to Sony. Enjoy the high quality Bluetooth audio on the go with ear Field Communications (NFC) technology.

The extra bass will leave you mesmerized with the incredible music quality. The powerful battery won’t let you take a break from enjoying the music.

It gives a potential power of upto 20 hours of music. What more! The cushion around the ear will never let you fall in discomfort.


  • Quality uninterrupted music
  • Excellent bass sound
  • Soft cushioned ear pads
  • Reduced vibrations
  • The extended battery life of 30 hours


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Comfortable in terms of wearing
  •  NO remote and case.

6. Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT Bluetooth Headphones (Black)

The new Sennheiser HD 4.40BT is well known for its exceptional sound for day to day listening. The presence of Sennheiser drivers ensures that the headset provides a detailed and strong dynamic bass.

With its elegant design, features and robust nature, it best headset for the music lovers.

It comprises of Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX technologies that enable to deliver an exceptional level of service.

The long battery back up of up to 25 hours is one of the major advantages of this headset. The control on the ear cups is bear suited for making calls an changing tracks with ease.

The fold-able feature is another added feature that provides ease while operations. With 2 years manufacturing warranty it is the best headset to vouch for.


  • Premium sound quality
  • Comfortable while using
  • Perfect portability
  • Strong battery life
  • aptX technology for enhanced sound performance


  • Up to 25 hours of battery life
  • Foldable and hence easy to carry
  • Control on the ear cups
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Neutral sound

7. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II Wireless Headphone (Black)

How can the list be completed without including the headset from Bose, the pioneer in the headset segment?

The wireless facility ensures ease of operation together with the noise cancellation facility. It first measures the noise from outside and then cancels by generating opposite signals.

With rich, premium design and extreme comfort, it is a masterpiece of a headset. Further, gives the advantage to pair with any device of your choice such as smartphones, laptops, PCs, etc with the aid of Bluetooth pairing

The presence of volume optimization technique is yet another benefit that can be availed with the aid of this headset. It helps to hear the sound even in the harsh environment.

The noise cancellation ensures that there is no compromise with the quality of sound.

Listen to the music at optimum capacity as it features 20 hours battery and can quickly charge in just 15 minutes.


  • Able to cancel noise
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • Incredible sound quality at any volume
  • Easy to access the phone virtual assistant
  • Easy Bluetooth pairing
  • Dual microphone system


  • Excellent sound quality at any point in time
  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Quick battery charging
  • Overpriced

8. Nu Republic Starboy X-Bass Wireless Headphone with mic (Black)

If you are looking for an exceptionally comfortable headset with mic that will suit your ear then Nu Republic Starboy will be the best purchase.

It boasts of better noise isolation that does not give a feeling you are wearing them.

The presence of built-in multi-function button ensures that you do not require to take your smartphone out of your pocket every time.

It gives the flexibility to control the music playback and at the same time answer your calls.

The detailing of the headset is done in a fashion that will give a trendy appeal.

The self-adjusting headband coupled with 180-degree folding system ensures you can listen to the music for a prolonged time.

With the presence of a lithium-polymer battery, it delivers an uninterrupted performance of up to 8 hours.


  • Immense bass experience
  • Stylish looks
  • Maximum comfort with soft rubber finish
  • In-line controls
  • Up to 8 hours of uninterrupted music
  • Siri/Google Assistant voice command


  • A unique and trendy look
  • Good battery backup
  • Soft cushion to ears
  • Noise isolation for better hearing
  • Sound is not crisp

9. JBL Tune 500BT Powerful Bass Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Mic (Black)

Want to stream songs for long duration then JBL TUNE500BT bluetooth headset with mic are undoubtedly the best choice. It can stream songs up to 16 hours and is equipped with 32mm JBL drivers.

It assures of a significant bass and ensures your music experience is delightful.

If a call comes in between a movie or a video then the JBL TUNE500BT automatically switches to the mobile functioning.

The additional advantage it carries is the connectivity to Siri or Google Now without the usage of any mobile device.

It comes in four different colors and can be foldable that projects easy portability.

With 2 hours recharge time, it can deliver seamless music and functioning for 16 hours so you need not be confused regarding the battery.


  • Pure bass sound
  • 16 hours of playback
  • Access to Siri or Google Now with the press of a button
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty


  • Continuous music up to 16 hours on a single charge
  • Heart tapping music
  • Portable and comfortable to use
  • Hands-free call
  • Puts a heavy pressure on the head

10. boAt Mumbai Indians Edition Rockerz 400 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone (Black)

If you want a strong rhythm and dynamic range of music then settle with the boAt Mumbai Indians Edition Rockerz headset.

The extra bass quality will leave you mesmerized and will deliver a power-packed performance.

With a battery power of up to 8 hours and 10 hours standby time, this headset is an unmatched edition. You can answer calls, select tracks and manage the music with complete ease.

Further, this edition will symbolize your favorite team. Groove to the latest track with the help of premium HD sound owing to 40mm Drivers.

Further, the multi-function button will help with call management and music. So stay trendy and slip into the sound with this wireless headset.


  • Premium sound quality                                                   
  • Strong bass
  • Integrated control
  • Light as a feather
  • Compatible with a range of devices
  • Trendy and stylish


  • Sound quality at its best
  • Superb bass quality
  • Strong battery power
  • Foldable
  • Long duration hearing will make the head heavy

Buyer's Guide - Bluetooth Headset buying guide in India

Choosing the desired Bluetooth Headset?

The major key in selecting the bluetooth headset resides on the fit and the comfortability while wearing the device.

It might differ from one person's perspective to another however, different factors are needed to be considered in selecting the correct headset and the major ones are sound quality, battery life, and options of connectivity.

There are innumerable best bluetooth headset available and the best in terms of performance and other parameters are selected:

Style of Bluetooth Headset

It is generally observed that people mistake headphones for earphones but both differ from each other. When it comes to headphones, the size is bigger as compared to the earphone and hence preferable for better sound clarity with clear beats. They are mostly used with laptops, games, and other professional works.

The best part of such headphones is that it has a noise cancellation effect and covers the ears that are different as compared to the earphones. The earphones are compact and are crafted to be used with mobile phones and are cheap in comparison to headphones.

The Bluetooth headset can be used to make a call or listen to music. Hence, it is important to select the bluetooth headset as per the requirement and purpose.

Connectivity Range

The connectivity range should be carefully ascertained because it will help you to move to a recommended distance and enjoy the service. The standard range offered is up to 30 feet. Some bigger sized models contain a range extending up to 40 feet however, they come with bigger antennas.


The factor of comfort must be present in the bluetooth headset because people prefer wearing the headset all day long.

Thereby, choosing a model that is secure and comfortable is the need of the hour. For instance, if it is not possible to go with the in-ear headset if the ear skin is sensitive then you must select the over-ears models. If this is not possible go with the on-ear headset for better functioning.

USB charging

It is useful and convenient to choose a Bluetooth headset that contains the universal USB port so that it is easier to charge the headset using the phone or tablet charger. Moreover, this will ensure that no additional charger is required to be carried.

Moreover, in terms of emergency, it is easier to acquire a charger from anyone and get it charged. This features provides strong flexibility.

Multipoint Pairing

When it comes to advanced bluetooth headsets, it helps the user to pair the headset with more than one Bluetooth compatible devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. further, the Bluetooth version needs to be checked properly. It must have the support of Bluetooth 4.2 and aptX.

The 4.2 version gives strong support to the internet and hence, helps in connectivity. Further, special features are even involved in it that helps to keep the hacking activities at bay.

Also, while selection it needs to be noted that whether the headset is not having any mismatch version of Bluetooth headset else the requisite functions will not be delivered with ease.


Price factor remains always the topmost consideration and before the purchase, it is required to be addressed. When it comes to bluetooth headsets, it will cost a huge sum but still, decent models can be purchased at inexpensive prices.

Thereby, it is entirely upon the user whether to vouch for the premium or the user-friendly version. Both the version have smart functions such as noise cancellation, sound profiles, etc that makes the device user-friendly and ensure ease of comfort.

If you are addicted to gadget then you are likely to strain your pocket and purchase the vest one. However, proper research must be done before hitting the shop. It is always a matter of appeal rather various other alternatives need to be taken into consideration.

Choosing to spend the money wisely and on the appropriate headphone will reap many benefits rather selecting the costlier one at once.


The appearance of the headset matters the most. It is undoubtedly one of the major factors that come in the way while purchasing the headset. Looks are essential when it comes to impressing others and self-satisfaction.

It is essential to check that along with the appearance all the essential features should fit under your budget. If certain technical features are not present in the Bluetooth headset then it should be avoided. Neglecting the important features would not be a wide act and this can make the investment worthless.


The brand has its appeal for and with some brand, there is always a guaranteed performance. Therefore, the brand should be selected when it comes to enhancing the surround sound experience.

Big brands give an unmatchable performance but still with the due passage of time different other specialist brands are doing reasonably well and selling products at a reasonable price.


This projects the power volume needed to activate the headsets. The headsets with low impedance require less power to the drives and hence easy to pair with devices of weak implication. Such devices can be smartphones, media players and other devices that contain portability.

The headphones that have high-impedance require high amplification. Hence, it is essential to check the impedance and buy following device that the user wants to pair the headphone with.

Bluetooth devices have ensured great flexibility to the lifestyle of the people. The wireless bluetooth headset with mic ensures usage with the completion of the task. There are different manufacturers of best bluetooth headsets in India and the amazing features allow the users immense benefit.

Types of headset (bluetooth) :-

The bluetooth headset can be categorized into 3 different types that is the professional, compact and the stereo. The classification is entirely dependent on features such as design, compatibility, etc. The details about them will endorse a better reply:

  • Professional Bluetooth Headsets: This headset is the one that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the corporate. It enables business people to attend a call easily on the press of a button. Further, it ranks high in audio quality, battery life and different option that is tailored for the corporate people. Hence, such devices are reliable in terms of usage. Further, they can be linked to PCs and smartphones to ensure an endless crystal clear sound.
  • Compact Bluetooth Headsets: The compact headset is different from the professional one. It comes in a bigger size and leads to optimum clarity in terms of sound. There are several other features like noise cancellation, enhancing sound quality while attending important calls.
  • Stereo Bluetooth Headsets: It is the latest trend in the arena of Bluetooth headphones and can be easily used with that of smartphones and devices. Usually, it comprises of a microphone so that communication can be established effectively. It provides different features such as ensuring listening to favorite songs and hassle-free operation. It is designed to enhance audio quality and provides a great advantage in terms of usage.

Bluetooth headsets can further be segregated as per the mounting position:

  • In-Ear Bluetooth Headsets: If you are looking for a lightweight earplug and ease of comfort then in-ear Bluetooth headsets are the best option. It provides the ease of directly fitting into the ear canal. This particular model is highly effective when it comes to talking and listening. Some of the headsets come with a facility to hang on the neck when not in use. On the other hand, some come with a built-in magnet that helps in saving the battery power by ensuring the sleep mode option.
  • On-Ear Bluetooth Headsets: This headset is lightweight and comes with the ear hooks. As it is lightweight and comprises of padded speakers, it is easy to be worn comfortably. It is the best option when it comes to taking a call on the move. However, it needs to be kept in mind that the surround sound will continue to peep in and this headphone cannot altogether minimize it.
  • Over-the-ear Bluetooth Headsets: It is even defined as full-size headphones or can be said around-ear headphones and such model feature soft cushioned ear cups that helps in enclosing the ear. Such headsets are best designed for listening to music and provide a premium sound quality.

As per the technological viewpoint, the Bluetooth headset is segregated into two main categories:

  • Wired Bluetooth Headset The wired headset comes in direct link with the PCs or desktops. The presence of a 3.5 mm port ensures that you can get connected with the external sources and initiate talk in seconds after getting connected. The best thing is that there is no issue of signal loss unless a power failure happens or loss of internet connection.It is convenient in terms of wearing and even have a microphone to char with. However, the drawback happens to be the length of the headphone as it does not allow mobility. The same cannot be taken to different places and you need to be confined to the system.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Headset Such headsets enable connection with smartphones, tablets wirelessly. The same can be connected to other sources to a maximum range of 100-meters.Further, the connection can be established to various devices and hence, it allows switching between calls, work, music, etc.The best part of the wireless Bluetooth headset is that it provides flexibility and supports day to day activities such as running, walking, riding, workouts, etc while listening to or attending calls on the device. However, the range of connectivity is not properly established meaning the range is less.
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