January 3, 2020

Looking for the Best Computer Monitor in India ?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

Computer monitors are the heart of the whole computer system. The different varieties of monitors that are in the market these days with multiple sizes and specifications are high on demand.

Whether we are editing photos or videos, focusing on finishing our daily work activities, browsing through the web or playing games, the computer monitor can bring about so many changes.

It can change the whole experience of using a computer.

The high definition monitors are the best companions of graphic designers, web designers and other photoshop related professionals.

The monitor manufacturers are taking into account all these factors to revolutionize the PC experience.

The PC market is flooded with different kinds of monitors manufactured for different kinds of users.

For detailed information about computer monitors and which one to go for we recommend you going through our buyer's guide at the bottom of the article as it can be really beneficial for you in selecting the best monitors in India . 

Best Computer Monitors In India

Gone are the days of LCD displays and it is replaced by LED displays being the reason of high demands for the best led monitors in India. The tech giants are coming up with different OLED and QLED to satisfy the tech savvy customers.

While selecting a monitor, there are a few things every customer need to be focused on.

  • Resolution: Resolution is very important factor while selecting the Computer Monitor, if a monitor has high the number of resolution than the picture quality will be more detailing  
  • Size: Selecting the size is another factor which you may consider while purchasing the monitor 
  • Response rate: Response rate is the time taken by the pixel to change its color, it is another factor which you may consider while selecting the computer monitor. 

Let us see some of the best monitor for pc that are available in the market that suits your needs.

What are the basic needs to be focused on while selecting a computer monitor? What should be the points to be kept in mind when choosing the computer monitor to get the view at its best?

We Highly recommend you to read the Computer Monitor Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about Computer Monitor technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Computer Monitor in India (2020) 

Although my favorite among all is LG 22MP68VQ but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

(Slide the table left ? to check more details)

1. LG 22MP68VQ IPS Monitor

You will love this model launched by LG if you are a gamer. This 22 inch (54.61 cm) display comes in a full HD borderless IPS panel having 1080p full HD display resolution.

The screen technology is flicker free which provides the viewer a comfortable view experience. It also comes with a Screen Split Control feature.

If you are so passionate about gaming then you would love to experience the ultimate picture clarity, I would suggest you to consider this model as best monitor under 10000.

This product which comes in the black color, is a total worth the money you spend.


  • Display- 22 inch (54.61 cm)
  • Resolution - 1080p full HD display
  • Package dimensions - 55.8 x 36.2 x 13.6 cm
  • Connectivity port - 1 VGA port, 1 HDMI port, 1 DVI port, 1 Audio-Out port and 1 headphone port
  • Aspect Ratio - 16:9
  • Refresh Rate - 60 Hz
  • Viewing angle - 178 degree vertical, 178 degree horizontal
  • Wall mount - Yes
  • Screen split - Yes
  • Flicker safe - Yes
  • Warranty - 3 years
  • Intelligent Auto (Auto adjustment) - Yes


  • Crystal clear image quality
  • Screen quality
  • Black stabilizer for a better visual quality of dark areas
  • Budget friendly
  • Monitor stand - It is tilted and cannot adjust the height.
  • Only one HDMI port

2. HP Elite Display E273

This is one of the best seller products of HP. The bezel less display and the stunning visuals give a whole new user experience.

The panoramic view comes in full HD display and wide view angles.

This model has got the typical glossy surface reduced with low haze screen enhancement by maintaining the picture clarity and color contrast.

A variety of connectivity ports are available in this model which makes it easy to connect the monitor with any other devices. A single cable will do all the work.

The model is also designed by adhering to all the energy efficiency guidelines making it an eco-friendly model making it a very profitable choice if you are searching for best 27 inch monitors in India.


  • Display- 27 inch
  • Resolution- FHD (1920 x 1080) 
  • Connectivity - Display port, HDMI, VGA, DVI - D
  • Contrast Ratio - 1000:1 static, 5000000:1 dynamic
  • Response Time - 5 ms
  • View angle - 178 degree horizontal, 178 degree vertical
  • Bezel less display - Yes


  • Energy efficient
  • Heigh/tilt/pivot/swivel adjustable
  • Anti glare
  • Wide viewing experience
  • No built-in speakers
  • In brightly lit rooms, the screen becomes darker due to low brightness screen

3. Dell S2218H

The ComfortView features makes it easy on the eyes by emitting all the blue light emissions.

The built-in dual speakers give the complete multimedia user experience by offering the best sound quality.

The display is semi matt/gloss, so one does not need to worry about reflection.

It has also got lots of connectivity options. You can connect your smartphone, pen drive or hard disk to this monitor easily.

It comes with 3 year warranty which is provided from the date of purchase.

The monitor is ideal for console gaming, so you can have a super fun gaming experience from this one of the best monitor under 20000.


  • Screen size - 21.5 inches (54.6 cm)
  • Display Resolution - FHD (1920 x 1080p)
  • Product dimension - 14.8 x 48.9 x 38.6 cm
  • Connectivity port - VGA, HDMI, Audio-in, Audio-out
  • Aspect Ratio - 16.9
  • Refresh rate - 76 Hz
  • Response time - 6 ms
  • Viewing angle - 178 degree horizontal, 178 degree vertical


  • Crisp picture quality
  • Flicker free screen
  • Built-in speakers
  • Ultra thin bezel IPS Monitor
  • Mismatched buttons

4. BenQ EW2775ZH

If you want to experience a supreme video quality from one of the best monitor under 20000, this monitor from BenQ is highly recommended.

The Brightness Intelligence technology offers a great video experience by optimizing the brightness and on-screen content. There are no chances of brighter areas getting overexposed.

The 8 bit display helps to render 16.7 million colors at the same time.

This desktop monitor has been certified by TUV Rheinland for flicker free and reduced blue light emissions.

This VA panel monitor projects every hue and shade with high accuracy to provide the best multimedia experience thus, you can consider it as one of the best monitor.


  • List Display- 27 inch (68.6 cm), VA panel
  • Resolution - 1920 x 1080
  • Product dimensions - 46.1 x 61.4 x 18.1 cm
  • Connectivity port - 2 HDMI ports, Audio-in, Headphone and 2 Speakers
  • Aspect Ratio - 16:9
  • Refresh Rate - 60 Hz
  • Response time - 4 ms


  • Ultimate picture quality
  • Brightness Intelligence technology
  • Reduced eye strain
  • Flicker free
  • Low blue light
  • Poor Color uniformity

5. Samsung LC27F390FHWXXL

This model of Samsung gives you another viewing experience with its curved screen. You will feel as if you are viewing a movie in an Imax theatre screen.

The wider view helps to have a deeper focus on the content by eliminating all the distractions.

The 1800R screen comes with a feature of Eye Saver mode which makes the viewing process easy to our eyes.

Studies show that the eye strain will be relatively less when viewed on a curved screen than on a flat desktop monitor.

The Eye Saver mode helps in decreasing the blue light emissions thus reduces strain on the eyes and gives a comfortable and pleasant viewing experience.

This model which comes with a great offer to all the gamers out there by providing game mode in which the screen colors and contrasts gets optimized and gives a better view.

The super slim curved design of the monitor gives an elegant look along with a circular stand.


  • Screen size - 27 inch (68.5 cm)
  • Display Resolution - 1920 x 1080
  • Series - Curved
  • Product dimensions - 24.7 x 62.2 x 46.2 cm
  • Connectivity port - VGA port, HDMI port and Headphone port
  • Aspect ratio - 16.9
  • Refresh rate - 60 Hz
  • Response time - 4 ms
  • Flicker free- Yes
  • Eco saving plus feature decreases screen brightness thereby reducing the power


  • Supreme picture quality
  • Advanced gaming experience
  • Ultra slim design
  • Eye Saver mode
  • Build quality is too good
  • Limited connectivity ports
  • No inbuilt speakers

6. Acer 22 inch ET221Q

Acer is a tech giant brand that offers different technology related products to the international market. 

This ET1 series 22 inch  desktop monitor with Full HD display is another product that offers the best view with superior picture quality. The viewer gets more of the content with the zero frame design of the monitor.

With the blue light shield technology & Flicker less technology
, the viewer can reduce the blue light emissions.

It can be used for watching a movie, video gaming or for editing the photos or videos, the users can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience.


  • Screen size - 22 inch display
  • Display Resolution - 1920 x 1080
  • Product dimensions - 39.6 x 49 x 21.3 cm
  • Connectivity - VGA and HDMI
  • Aspect ratio - 16:9
  • Refresh rate - 60 Hz
  • Response time - 4 ms
  • Technology - Blue light shield
  • Flicker free - Yes


  • Wide viewing angle
  • Budget friendly
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Heavy base monitor stand
  • No HDMI port
  • Average sound quality
  • No In-built speakers

7. Dell U Series 37.5" Screen LED-Lit Monitor

The large expansive screen of 95.2 cm gives a comfortable viewing experience with fewer distractions and fewer eye movements.

This ultra wide curved screen will be best suitable for video editors as it provides a panoramic view along with the built-in speakers.

The flicker free screen with ComfortView makes the visuals easy on our eyes by reducing the dangerous blue light emissions and it comes with 3 year warranty.

This model has been launched with a target audience in mind.

Professionals who are into image and video editing can make the most of this monitor.


  • Screen size - 37.5 inch (95.2 cm)
  • Display Resolution - 3840 x 1600
  • Product dimensions - 89.4 x 22.6 x 54.7 cm
  • Borderless-  InfinityEdge
  • Flicker free - Yes
  • Aspect ratio - 21:9
  • Connectivity ports - AC power connector, HDMI, DB and USB ports.


  • Ultra wide monitor
  • Easy on the eyes
  • 3 year warranty
  • More connectivity slots available
  • Price is a bit high when compared to Dell 34" inch monitors.
  • Targets a specific audience like media professionals

8. LG 24 inch Borderless Monitor 24MP88HV

This model from LG can be one of the best investments you can make for your gaming as well as professional purposes.

The full HD IPS desktop monitor makes the color consistent and true from wherever you take a glance at the screen.

We can witness the accurate color with having a coverage of over 99% of the sRGB spectrum.

The slim bezel over all the four sides of the screen goes for a visual treat with a streamlined display.

The inbuilt 5W speakers give the wholesome experience of entertainment along with crisp image quality.


  • Screen size - 24 inch (60.45 cm)
  • Display Resolution - 1920 x 1080
  • Connectivity ports - 1 VGA port, 1 Audio - In port, 1 Audio - Out port, 1 Headphone port, 2 HDMI ports, 2 Speakers 10W each
  • Aspect ratio - 16:9
  • Refresh rate - 60 Hz
  • Flicker free- Yes
  • Viewing angle - 178 degree vertical, 178 degree horizontal
  • Response time - 5 ms
  • Borderless display


  • Picture quality
  • Color reproduction
  • Sound quality
  • Inbuilt speakers
  • Anti glare coating
  • No wide selection of ports

9. HP 27ES 27 inch Display IPS LED Backlit Monitor (Full HD)

This ultra thin full HD model comes from HP is all about elegance. This is the thinnest display HP has created till date. It has bezel less display which gives a wide angle view of the visuals.

HP Enhance+ resolution has taken the image quality to the next level along with noise reduction to get the perfect and clear images.

This noise filter helps in improving the quality of images and videos.

This product also strictly adheres to all energy efficiency guidelines and makes it environmentally friendly.


  • Screen size - 27 inch (68.6 cm)
  • Display Resolution - 1920 x 1080
  • Product dimensions - 62.1 x 19.5 x 45.6 cm
  • Refresh rate - 60 Hz
  • Response time - 7 ms
  • Connectivity ports - 1 VGA, 1 HDMI ports
  • Aspect ratio - 16:9


  • Picture quality
  • Sleek design
  • Sturdy built quality
  • Light weight
  • Light bleeding effect
  • More useful for reading and watching movies than gaming

10. BenQ GW2780

This BenQ model is designed in such a way so that you can keep it easy on your eyes with its Brightness Intelligence technology.

This technology maintains the right balance between the brighter as well as the darker areas thus does not overexpose the brighter areas.

Blue light technology eliminates the harmful blue light thus reduces eye fatigue.

If you are a person who does not like the cables spread all over the table, then this is the right one for you.

The cable management system hides all the cables behind the monitor stand and gives an organized look for your monitor.

For reading documents, browsing and to watch movies this monitor will work.


  • Screen size - 27 inch (68.6 cm)
  • Display Resolution - 1920 x 1080
  • Product dimensions - 61 x 18 x 46.3 cm
  • Connectivity port - 1 VGA port, 1HDMI port, 1 Display port, 1 Audio - in port, 2 Speakers (2W each)
  • Aspect ratio - 16:9
  • Refresh rate - 60 Hz
  • Response time - 5 ms
  • Viewing angle - 178 degree horizontal, 178 degree vertical
  • Flicker free- Yes
  • IPS Panel- Yes
  • Additional:- Blue light technology
  • Excellent display
  • Good contrast
  • Viewing angle is good
  • Easy on eyes
  • Amazing picture quality
  • Build quality is good
  • Bit of back light bleeding

Buyer's Guide - Computer Monitor Buying Guide in India

The market is flooded with gadgets. Every day the tech giants come up with different products backed by new technologies. If you are into media or gaming, you must need to consider a best monitor for PC to increase your productivity and user experience.

If you do programming, image or video editing, you might need to be more specific when it comes to choosing the best monitor for PC that suits you.

If you are not that much into PCs and you just casually use your computer for browsing or for some basic works like document creation and editing, you should consider monitors that come in low budgets.

If you are a graphic designer or a web designer, you might need a best LED monitor that offers full HD display and has the accurate color management. If you are a serious gamer, you may consider monitors with high response rate and those are specially designed for gaming.

Thus, understanding your requirement is very important when it comes to choosing a monitor. Another thing is to make a note of the budget. If you are buying a monitor just to complete the basic tasks, you might consider low budget monitors, which are available plenty in the market.

If you need a best monitor for PC to do the majority of your work, you can consider monitors with more specifications that suits your needs.

Factors to consider before buying a monitor that suits your needs:-

There are many things that you need to keep in mind before buying a PC monitor. Let us take a look at these essential factors.

  • Response rate: It is the time taken by a pixel to change from one shade of gray to another as in changing from black to white. The response rate is measured in milliseconds (ms). If the response rate is faster, the monitor performance will also be faster thus increasing the productivity. For a monitor with fast response rate, it can play a video or graphics without much noise or artefacts. If a monitor has 1ms response rate, it can efficiently render a game. Till 25 ms, the games can be played without much ghosting. Beyond 25 ms, lagging or distractions can happen. Gamers consider response rate as a crucial factor when choosing a monitor.
  • Resolution: Resolution is another factor that is needed to be kept in mind while selecting a monitor. The resolution says about the number of pixels a monitor is able to display on a screen. If the display has got high resolution, the picture quality will be good as the picture will be shown with more detailing. The best PC monitors in India ranging from 20 inches to 27 inches have full HD or 1080p resolution. There are also monitors ranging from 24 to 27 inches having WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440). Some monitors from 27 inches and above have UHD resolution (3840 x 2160). Most of the graphic designers and media related professionals prefer UHD monitors as they give more detailed images than other monitors we have nowadays.
  • Features: Nowadays monitors come with different additional features and new technologies. Some monitors can even be used as Smart TVs thus improving the usability of the monitors. This improves the scope of using a monitor into some other utilities. The gloss and matte screens available in the market offers different viewing experience. But the selection is based on personal preferences. The swivel base monitor allows to rotate or tilt the monitor to get the best viewing experience. We can also adjust the height of some monitors. This is useful when more than one person is using the monitor.
  • Gaming monitors: While choosing gaming PC monitors, people look for monitors with faster response rate only. The faster response rate is necessary to display the action scenes without any errors or blurs. The response rate is the time monitor takes to change a pixel one shade of gray to another. The games will be more realistic if the monitor has faster response rate. Also, for a serious gaming experience, you may choose monitors with high refresh rates. Refresh rates should be more than and 60 Hz for a smoother play. The 24 inches LED monitor from LG offering full HD display can be the best option for a best led monitor in India for gaming. It has a refresh rate of 75 Hz. This model can assure you a serious gaming experience with no distractions or noises. You may also go for monitors with best built-in speakers to get the real gaming experience as we cannot forget the impact of audio in gaming. Gaming can be more lively when the audio is also played at the same time.
  • Connectivity ports:  Monitors for PC  with more number of connectivity ports are preferred for professional purposes. A graphic designer or a video editor needs to have more connectivity ports such as VGA, HDMI etc. You may need to connect your pen drive or smartphone or hard disk to the monitor for different purposes. At least two USB ports should be there at a proper place to get an easier access. In case you need audio outputs, choose monitors with inbuilt speakers.
  • Budget: The price of the monitors depends on different factors like features, size and types. If you are buying a monitor to complete all your basic works like viewing and editing documents, sending emails etc. I would suggest you to choose a low budget monitor. Usually the high budget monitors that come in high and advanced features and specifications are meant for professionals. So it is better to choose a basic monitor to carry out your simple tasks. If you are a video editor or a graphic designer, you might be particular about the specifications. Such people can go for monitors with higher specifications and products that are worth the money. In fact people would not mind going for high budget monitors that meet their specifications as long as it is for their professional purposes.If you work in graphics field and are using Adobe tools, then you might probably need a high end monitor that meets all your requirements. As far as gamers are considered, they need monitors with faster response rates. If you need the best computer monitor for faster gaming experience, you may need to sacrifice on the size of the monitor as it can highly impact the price of a monitor. Monitors that are eco-friendly comes in low budgets. In exchange for the power saved, it comes with fewer features and at a relatively low price when compared to other monitors.
  • Size: Monitor size is a very crucial factor when people make a selection. Size also matters when it comes to the price of the monitor also. Size is measured in a diagonal manner across the screen. The size of the monitor can start from 15 inches to 38 inches. For professional purposes such as video editing and graphic designing, people choose large sized monitors for better resolution and picture quality. If you want a monitor to view movies, the monitors ranging from 24 inches to 27 inches can offer a better viewing experience. For gamers, large sized monitors will help. They need monitors with faster response rates and a larger size that may help with better clarity and speed.If you do not have a space issue, you can go for large sized curved monitors to get a theatre like experience. Big screen and ultra wide models that comes with ultra thin design are available in different sizes that ranges from 29 inches to 38 inches. Curved and non - curved panels can be seen in these ranges with full HD, WQHD and UHD resolutions. If you do not have ample space to arrange these big sized monitors you may go for small sized monitors that are good for documentation purposes, browsing through the web and watching movies.
  • Ease on the eyes: Having monitors that can go easy on the eyes is very much needed these days. It will considerably reduce the eye fatigue and discomfort. There are monitors coming up with ComfortView to reduce eye fatigue and other discomforts. The flicker free technology and the blue light technology reduces the amount of blue light emissions thereby giving a pleasant viewing experience offering eye comfort. The BenQ EW2775ZH monitor has been certified by TUV Rheinland for its flicker free and low blue light image rendering.
  • Panel Type:  Monitors come in different panels and you can choose the best based on your requirements. Many 27 inch monitors are available these days with IPS panel. These monitors are affordable, supports millions of colors and provides the best view and crisp images.
  • Ergonomic flexibility: The monitor stand also plays an important role in deciding the best desktop monitor to choose from the different varieties that are available today. Many displays come with the flexibility to tilt or adjust the height. Users these days prefer monitors that are able to adjust or tilt since they can be adjusted as per our wish anytime according to the audience who are using the monitor. This flexibility to tilt or adjust the monitor is necessary to not hurt your neck while sitting in front of the monitor for a long time.
  • Aspect Ratio: The ratio between the width and height of the display is the Aspect Ratio. 16:9 or 16:10 is the common aspect ratio. 16:9 is usually the preferred aspect ratio to play high definition content and to view contents on a wide screen. The 16:10 ratio has more vertical pixels hence it is more suitable to view large spreadsheets.
  • Backlighting: LED Backlighting is very common in today's monitors. LEDs generate less heat, screens are ultra thin and warm up very fast. Unlike the earlier LEDs, they use less power.
  • A second monitor: Most of the professionals working in editing, designers and photographers are using dual monitors these days to support their daily work activities. The additional effort put in by the professionals can cover up the cost of an extra hardware. You do not have to keep hundreds of tabs open while working if you have the support of one or two additional monitors. You can keep the different applications you need to run simultaneously in different monitors by which you can finish your tasks faster. For instance, you can open the photoshop on one monitor while you can browse the internet on another monitor.
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